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People are afraid to eat guts anymore. It's a shame really.

It does make for an interesting role reversal from the medieval period: the "common" people now only eat the choice cuts of meat, and the rich regular dine on organ meats.
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I think scales are a good thing once you get over the initial shock of having an unexpected weight. If you weigh yourself daily you get a direct indicator of what is making you gain weight before you actually notice it. If you see your weight going up consistently over the course of a week, it's much easier to isolate what you're doing wrong than figuring it out a month later when you suddenly notice your clothes don't fit.
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The "ugly side of politics" are people who are otherwise well adjusted individuals suddenly become hate filled bigots when a "right vs left" issue comes up. Modern politics are simply a mechanism for people to take out their frustrations on each other in a way that leads to increased disenfranchisement for both sides. I can't even blame the politicians, since all they're doing is placating your lust for a scapegoat. Americans need to grow up and stop treating life as a reality show.

For my token on-topic comment: why the hell does "TheSexyPatriot" feel the need to tack a Zapata quote on the end of a video of a rabbit and deer. Might as well tack a Sartre quote on the end of the laughing baby video - "Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance."
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For those of you that think that the majority of Muslims embrace fundamentalist views, you really need to look at your words and reflect upon how similar your analysis is to popular perceptions of Jews previous to World War II. For those of you that point of the Qur'an as proof positive that Muslims are terrible people, keep in mind that if most Christians followed the Bible to the letter, they would also subjugate women, condone stoning as a punishment for disobedient children, and accept that genocide is acceptable if your enemies are godless.

Islam makes no more sense than Christianity or Judaism, but this irrational fear of it does nothing but propagate hatred between cultures that do not differ so much in ideals, but in execution. In the same way that antisemitism was promoted through a gross lack of cultural understanding, we won't really recognize how misinformed the western interpretation of Islam is until there is a massacre tragic proportions. Obviously the first publicly condoned instances of torture in our nation's history is not enough to wake us up to the danger of this school of thought.
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Wow... somebody's got a serious issue with Deviant Art. ;)

I would imagine the post introduces the artist as such because all they have is that person's *Deviant Art* nickname? So is that really worthy of a two comment rant?
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Note also how the worst states happen to be the poorest. We love to complain about fat people, but no one ever seems to address the issue that it's cheaper to eat bad. Forget all the charts and programs, how about making fruit and vegetables cheaper than Little Debbie's?
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This definitely trumps the old light bulb + thermometer trick - "Oh, I see you have a temperature of 110... funny, you don't look like you're dead."
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