14 Habits That Make You Fat

It may be the wrong time of year to think about how fat you are -or maybe it's the best time of year to change your habits before you put the pounds on! HealthAssist lists 14 habits you want to examine to turn your health around and either lose weight or avoid becoming fat. Some you are familiar with, but others may be news. Who knew the way you dress makes a difference in how active you are? Link -Thanks, Karen!

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I don't know about that - for me at least, exercise really is the only effective weight-loss method. In particular, frequent strength-training exercise. I'm not entirely sure why.

I would have to agree that mere "calorie counting" is a gross and misleading oversimplification though. Human metabolism seems to be a mind-blowingly complicated process.
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What a lot of prejudicial nonsense. This is just the old sins of gluttony (eating too much makes you fat) and sloth (inactivity makes you fat) in disguise. In other words, it's moralizing presented as science.

Come on, people, how about some real science for a change? I just finished reading Gary Taubes' book, and after an exhaustive (and exhausting) amount of actually reading the scientific literature, he concludes that modern diet advice is terribly unscientific.

For example, the best honest research has shown, again and again, that exercise ("burning calories") DOES NOT lead to weight loss. The body is not an automobile with a fixed energy budget. If you burn more energy, your body will demand that you eat more to compensate.

Also eating less DOES NOT lead to weight loss. Yes, starving yourself SEVERELY (a.k.a. "standard dieting") will initially cause loss, but your body will compensate by lowering your metabolism.

It just doesn't make evolutionary sense that changes in energy expenditure and energy intake will affect energy storage. The body adjusts.

What a lot of bullshit.

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haha, yes, very funny indeed.
especially if your like me and only do not do about 3 things in there and remains as skinny as a pick. : )
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