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Why We See Smudge Everywhere

This is Smudge. Smudge doesn't care for salad, or in the words of Tumblr user who led him to virality, "he no like vegetals." What Smudge does like is sitting at the table during the family dinner.

"He eats dinner at our table. He gets really upset if he doesn't have a chair," said Miranda Stillabower, 24, Smudge's owner.

"Someone got up from dinner and he must have thought, 'Oh, this is my chair,' and he sat there. My brother's girlfriend took the picture."

OK, but what's with that expression, the one Stillabower sums up as "super unimpressed?"

"I don't know why he was making that face, but it's the best thing he's ever done," she said.

You can see Smudge at the dinner table quite a bit at Instagram. Soon afterward, Smudge's picture was paired with an image from the TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which people found funny.

The pictures were soon given captions. Any argument will do. You can track the rise of the meme known as "woman yelling at cat" at Know Your Meme. Continue reading for some examples of the meme. -via Nag on the Lake

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Bar Installs 70 Big Mouth Billy Bass Plaques to Sing in Unison

Because a Big Mouth Billy Bass animatronic singing fish brings class and joy to every room, it only makes sense to multiply the number of Big Mouth Billy Bass in order to multiply the elegance and happiness.

And so the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, a shuffleboard bar in Chicago (like an axe-throwing bar, but you play shuffleboard while getting drunk), bought 70 of these gems and mounted them on a wall.

It called in engineers to design custom hardware and software to make all of the fish in the chorus sing simultaneously. The result is, as you can see and here, magnificent.

-via Dave Barry


How to Give Mars an Atmosphere, Maybe

Colonizing Mars will be quite difficult, as the planet is cold and has hardly any atmosphere. So why is that? The difference between Earth and Mars is that we have a magnetic field that shields Earth's atmosphere from solar wind. Mars once had an atmosphere, but lost its magnetic field a few billion years ago, and its atmosphere was stripped away, its water froze, and here we are. But James Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, thinks it may be possible to install an artificial magnetic field on Mars.

Mars, of course, is frigid and dry now, but Green said the dynamics of the solar system point to a time when the planet will warm up again. He said that scientists expect the gradually increasing heat of the sun will warm the planet sufficiently to release the covering of frozen carbon dioxide at the north pole, will start water ice to flow, and will in time create something of a greenhouse atmosphere. But the process is expected to take some 700 million years.

“The key to my idea is that we now know that Mars lost its magnetic field long ago, the solar wind has been stripping off the atmosphere (in particular the oxygen) ever since, and the solar wind is in some kind of equilibrium with the outgassing at Mars,” Green said. (Outgassing is the release of gaseous compounds from beneath the planet’s surface.) “If we significantly reduce the stripping, a new, higher pressure atmosphere will evolve over time. The increase in pressure causes an increase in temperature. We have not calculated exactly what the new equilibrium will be and how long it will take.”

Scientists believe it would take a very long time, even with a magnetic field, but there's also the possibility of terraforming, or bringing in the gasses and life forms needed to make Mars a friendlier planet. Read about the idea at Nautilus. -via Digg

(Image credit: NASA)


Where the 1960s "Psychedelic" Look Came From

Decades later, Art Nouveau was reborn as the hippie aesthetic. Even if you know all about that, you'll love the beautiful images in this video from Vox. Read more about San Francisco's concert posters of the 1960s here. -via reddit


AI Writes an Episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Botnik Studios is a collection of human (or so they tell us) comedians who use artificial intelligence to re-write famous stories, such as a new chapter from a Harry Potter novel and the script for a new Seinfeld episode. Their system predicts new text based on inputted text.

In this case, it's the collected scripts of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Botnik Studios has produced episode 279, which is titled, "Here's Looking at Q." Read the whole thing.

I hope--I pray--that the TNG actors meet to record a reading of this script. Someone will have to fill in for the computer voice, as Majel Barrett Roddenberry has passed away.

-via Geek Tyrant


The Texas Longhorns' Stadium Modifications Look Like the Female Reproductive Tract

At least, that's what a lot of people are seeing. The "Longhorns Patio" has a distinct shape, especially when it gives birth to the team onto the field.

Let's back up a bit for our non-Texan readers (my condolences on being non-Texan).

The Texas Longhorns are a football team based in Austin. I understand that there's a small school attached to it. Their stadium is being modified to include the above feature that looks like the logo of the Longhorns . . . and possibly something else.

There have been many jokes on Twitter.

I just hope that the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide doesn't get any ideas.


15 Secrets of Sesame Street Puppeteers

The Muppets have been part of the beloved TV show Sesame Street for 50 years now. Each Muppet has an unseen performer (or two) behind it who puts their heart and soul into giving a personality to an inanimate object. It's not an easy job, but hey, it's showbiz! The Muppeteers love their jobs, and spend years learning the ins and outs of the craft.   

1. Sesame Street puppeteers usually get started lending a (right) hand.

Though there’s no definitive set of directions for puppeteers to get to Sesame Street, a number of performers selected to work on the show begin as apprentices with one specific task: operating the right hand of characters alongside the veteran cast members. “A lot of performers will almost only do right hands for a very long time,” Ryan Dillon, the puppeteer behind Elmo, tells Mental Floss. “Some characters, like Cookie Monster, require two performers with two practical hands.”

Dillon started working on Sesame Street in 2005 at the age of 17. He performed as a right hand and as supporting characters for years before scoring the Elmo role in 2013. Throughout that training, he accompanied the main puppeteer, who uses their dominant (usually right) hand to control the mouth and the other to control the left hand. The newcomer will manipulate the right, a duty informally known as right handing. “It’s a great training ground,” Dillon says. “You’re working directly next to a performer with years of experience. You become one character together.”

5. Sesame Street puppeteers can spend their entire day crouched on the floor.

Being a Sesame Street puppeteer requires more than just having performing chops. On set, characters that may be at waist level with their human co-stars are operated by performers crouched below frame, often on wheeled boards called rollies. “The first day or two, your back and everything else is sore,” Dillon says. “It engages your whole body. Your arm is up in the air performing.” Some actors, Dillon says, have developed knee issues as a result of a career bent over. Fortunately, not every scene requires contortions. Some sets are built raised so performers can stand up straight. Other times, they’ll have to situate themselves horizontally. Scenes set on a stoop usually mean the performer is lying down behind the steps.

Read the rest of the 15 secrets from the Sesame Street puppeteers at Mental Floss.


Frozen 2: BURNT

This animation is billed as a parody trailer, but it's really an entire story set in the Frozen universe, minus the ending. Anna is jealous of Elsa's popularity, which leads to a sisterly spat, or rather, a war that goes off the rails. You might want to watch this before considering showing it to your children. The real Disney sequel, Frozen 2, opens next weekend. -via Geeks Are Sexy


These Teenagers Spent Two Years Bringing The Unicorn Gundam To Life

Highschool students, Twitter user Tosshii and some classmates worked for two years on a cardboard replica of the RX-O Unicorn Gundam for their school’s cultural arts festival. The RX-O Unicorn Gundam is the titular mobile suit of the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series. The intricate and well-detailed cardboard replica is a sight to see, and very near the illustrated fictional mech unit! See Tosshii’s tweets below as he proudly shares the creation!  

(via Kotaku)

image credit: Tosshii


Recycling Myths You Might Be Believing

I am a fan of recycling. After all, we only have one planet to live in (for now, at least) and need to take care of it for future generations. But there might be some misconceptions when it comes to recycling — myths that we might be believing. Take for example the belief that we can throw electronics into the recycling just like plastic, glass, and metals.

In the case of most electronics, that is completely untrue. Largely due to lithium ion batteries, the smartphones that end up in trash heaps thanks to poor recycling decisions often explode and catch on fire.
To be clear, these items can be recycled and reused, but they must go to a speciality facility that knows how to handle these materials, commonly known as "e-waste."

This is just one of the many myths in recycling that we might be subscribing to. Check out the others over at Popular Mechanics.

(Image Credit: Hans/ Pixabay)


Man Gives Water to Injured Koala

A man who helped a koala badly burned by Australian wildfires has gone viral online. Footage of the good deed has been uploaded to Facebook by the Koala Hospital Port Macquarie. As of this writing, the post has received over 13,000 reactions.

In the video, a man identified as “Darrel” is caring for the injured animal at the Bellangry State Forest in New South Wales, Australia, the New York Post reported. The marsupial, which was nicknamed “Kate,” received some water from the kind Samaritan and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Darrel was praised for taking care of the koala and bringing her quickly to safety.

(Image Credit: Koala Hospital Port Macquarie / Facebook/


The Life of Romanian Witches, Photographed

Romanian photographer Virginia Lupu has befriended the mystical witches of Romania, women of the Roma minority who live in the suburbs of Bucharest, making a living through conducting rituals that help their clients find love, money, and punishment for their enemies. Not only has Lupu befriended them, she has captured them in intimate photographs. The photographs of the witches in their natural environment are part of a new series, “TinTinTin”, as CNN details: 

Lupu captured her subjects in cantatory action, adorned in traditional garb. The women's gowns range from flowing, virginal white garments to fire engine-red robes with floral patterns. In one image, the witches light candles on a plush, decorative area rug that features intertwining brown branches and leaves. Glittering skulls and a furry black object center their makeshift altar. In another photograph, the protagonists raise leafy greens above a body of water as the sun sets. Their hands are embellished with gold bracelets, thick rings and long candy apple-colored nails. Whatever spell they're casting, these women invoke craft and fashion to enhance their potency.
Lupu discovered a significant aesthetic element in the witches' rituals. She observed Minca using a different color palette for each type of spell. "Red for love, yellow for abundance and richness, white for blessing, and black for powerful black magic rituals," Lupu explained. The women's recipes and activities aren't centralized in any kind of book, but passed down from generation to generation.

image credit: Virginia Lupu via CNN


Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs

Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs

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The Origins of Bloody Mary

The legend of the Bloody Mary is one of those scary stories with a spirit that we’ve either tried to actually summon, or just plainly ignored as a scary urban legend, and nothing more. Whether you’ve tried actually summoning Bloody Mary in front of the mirror, or just laughed at the people trying to perform the bathroom ritual, the origins of the legend and that familiar summoning ritual might pique your interest. Watch as Buzzfeed Unsolved Network details the origins of the famed legend, along with the equally famed (and if not, more well known than the story itself) bathroom ritual.


This Huge Skeleton Rises From The Ground For Mexico’s Day Of The Dead

Dia de Muertos, or the day of the dead, is a Mexican multi-day holiday where friends and family members gather to pray for and remember those who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. Dia de Muertos is not a sad holiday at all, but a time to celebrate because their loved ones that died have awakened to be with them again. Raymundo Medina takes this tradition and belief to a huge scale as he built a massive skeleton that seems to be rising up from the pavement of a street in Santa Cecilia Tlahuac, Mexico. The skeleton, built with papier-mâché and painted with starkly delineated black and white areas, appears to be smiling, proving that Dia de Muertos is not a sad holiday, but a time of celebration.

(via Colossal)

image credit: Felipe Esteban Paredes Padrón via Colossal

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