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There's a Whole Community of Sick, Warped People Who Make Monstrous Furbies

They weren't born this way. No innocent furby is born a monster. They become monsters because depraved people live out their sick fantasies by experimenting on them.

In one of the darker corners of the internet, there is a community of "scientists" who perform extreme body modifications on furbies. Yes, you've seen the centipede furby. But that was only the beginning. These self-proclaimed artists decided how far they could push their crafts.

Photo: Devin Gardner

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These Dogs Patiently Waited At The Hospital Entrance For Their Homeless Owner

There was a homeless man in Rio do Sul, Bazil who selflessly fed a bunch of stray dogs around him. One day he went to a hospital for emergency treatment. After some time, four stray dogs showed up at the entrance of a hospital, apparently waiting for their owner, Cesar. Cesar has been skipping his meals just to give food to these dogs. Sure enough, they have shown their love and loyalty to their owner by patiently waiting for him as he underwent treatment.

Nurse Cris Mamprim captured this heart-warming photo of the dogs and posted it to Facebook wherein it went viral, reaching more than 136,000 reactions and over 24,000 comments!

“A simple person, without luxury, who depends on help to overcome the hunger, the cold, the pain, the evils of the world, has by his side the best companions, and the exchange is reciprocal.”

An hour passed and Cesar was finally reunited with his dogs, happily wagging their tails as they left the hospital. Cesar might not have abundant material possessions but at least he has a big, warm and loving heart.

Photo by Cris Mamprim


Bat Cat

Oh, come on, Simon, it's just a moth! Your fear is only making things go from bad to worse. This is the Simon's Cat Halloween special for 2019. That doesn't mean there won't be others.

My house is very attractive to bats, and they are protected in my area, so I have developed several methods for getting them outside in one piece. I like the little buggers, since they keep the mosquito population down. That's very important when you live close to water!


Social Inequality, Marriage Habits, and Other Clues to Bronze Age Life

Archaeologists study Bronze Age Europe from the artifacts people left behind, since there are no written records. A new study combines old-fashioned digging with modern science to untangle social relationships and culture in a community of over 100 individuals who lived in Germany’s Lech Valley between 4,750 and 3,320 years ago. Gravesites reveal an individual's status from the quality of goods buried with them, DNA analysis reveals their family trees, and both reveal clues about their relationships with one another. Lead author of the study Alissa Mittnik explains some of the findings.  

The study “advances our knowledge of how people lived together, and how biological and social relations correlate—or not,” she said. The researchers were able to identify several lineages, all male, which “could be traced over generations, a group of ‘foreign,’ high-status women, and some low-status, low-rank individuals.”

Indeed, in nearly all the homes the females were not related to the males, and only male lineages could be identified. The reason for this, according to the authors, has to do with a previously identified Bronze Age practice known as patrilocality, in which newlywed wives moved in with their husband’s family. Through this custom, sons introduced new wives to the household who weren’t biologically related, while daughters, when reaching maturity, left the household, taking their genes along with them.

“One striking observation was that these family trees only contained daughters who died when they were under the age of 15 to 17, consistent with a patrilocal family structure in which women leave the family they grew up in to join the household of their husband,” said Mittnik.

Other findings point to the presence of servants or slaves in these households. Read more about the study at Gizmodo.

(Image credit: Rasmus Christiansen)


The Woman Who Plans To Run Forever

Magda Boulet, 47, and Cat Bradley, 27, are both professional ultrarunners who compete with each other race after race. They chase each other down and exchange top podium spots in some of the biggest 100-mile events in the world. One of them has a problem, however: she has to make sure her workouts don’t interfere with her 14-year-old son’s schedule.

“It hit me just the other day that I’m racing women who are 20 years younger than me,” Boulet says from her home in San Francisco. “I didn’t even know what ultrarunning was when I was 27.”
Boulet grew up in Jastrzebie-Zdroj, Poland, and immigrated with her parents to the U.S. when she was in high school, becoming a citizen in 2001. She ran track at the University of California at Berkley, focusing on the 1,500-to-5,000-meter events, but switched to marathons after college. Working with legendary distance coach Jack Daniels, she came to dominate the distance, racing for the U.S. in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. After almost a decade running the marathon, Boulet started to become restless. “I felt I was getting the most out of my mind and body that I could in the marathon distance,” Boulet says. “I got invited to a local half marathon trail race, and it was captivating. I ended up walking for the first time in a race—I could not run up a certain hill. Instead of being discouraged by it, I suddenly realized there was so much I still had to learn. Recognizing that there’s room for improvement is a beautiful thing.” In 2013, Boulet transitioned again, this time to ultramarathons. 

Know more about her story over at Outside.

(Image Credit: skeeze/ Pixabay)


Twitter: “We Mistakenly Used Phone Numbers For Ads”

Twitter states that it has mistakenly used phone numbers and email addresses, that users have provided for security purposes, to show advertisements to them. The social network company has stated on Tuesday that they “inadvertently” used the aforementioned numbers and emails to let advertisers match people to their own marketing lists. Twitter, however, does not say how many users were affected by their mistake.

The company also says that it did not share personal data with advertisers or other third parties. Twitter says it fixed the problem as of September 17.

What are your thoughts on this one?

(Image Credit: ElisaRiva/ Pixabay)


When Your Town Dries Up

One of the most productive agricultural regions in the United States is California’s Central Valley. It is the world’s largest supplier of canned tomatoes, and a third of the country’s produce is grown here. When a seven-year drought hit the land, however, it has threatened the viability of the valley’s farmland, leaving many local communities to suffer greatly as a result.

Joris Debeij’s short documentary When a Town Runs Dry offers a window into the front lines of the water crisis. In the film, which is based on Diana Marcum’s Pulitzer Prize–winning reporting, we hear from several residents of Stratford, a farming community in which much of the land was decimated by the drought.
“Being able to work with the ground and with nature has been very satisfying,” says one farmer, “but of late, when the water becomes scarce, we don’t get a lot of help from the people who want the food that we grow.” The man, who inherited the farm from his father, has been forced to sell land as a result of the aridity. “This year, half of the farm has not been put into cultivation, because of a lack of water,” he says. “Without food production, there’s no jobs out in the rural communities.”

See The Atlantic for more details.

(Video Credit: The Atlantic/ YouTube)


This Little Boy Recites Self-Affirmations While Walking to School

I remember the scene in the film "The Help" in which Viola Davis' character Aibileen teaches the little girl, whom she was taking care of, three phrases to affirm herself: "You is smart. You is kind. You is important." 

Similar to that, this video of a little boy named Ayaan reciting affirmations, which his mother taught him when he was two, is one of the cutest and most inspiring things I have seen of late.

(Image credit: alissa360style/Instagram)


Wildlife Officials Warn Public to Kill "Land-Dwelling" Fish on Sight

The Asian snakehead fish is an invasive species from China that can grow up to 3 feet long and survive for days at a time on land. They're on the loose in Georgia. Wildlife officials urge members of the public to immediately kill them. You can't afford to wait. The New York Post reports:

An angler’s report allowed them to “confirm the presence,” after identifying the fish’s mottled brown coloring, a dorsal fin traversing the back and the serpentine noggin from which the fish takes its name. [...]
Even scarier, these serpentine swimmers can breathe air — allowing them to exist on land for days at a time.
To combat the invasion, Georgia’s Wildlife Resources Division posted a notice on their Facebook page, urging fishers to “immediately kill and freeze any suspected snakeheads, as well as snap photos of their quarry.”

I won't have to be warned twice. I just hope my .458 is heavy enough for the job.

-via Dave Barry | Photo: US Geological Survey


The Feminist History of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

A couple of years ago, Eddie Deezen told us the history of the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." In it, he revealed a verse that was part of the original composition, but almost unknown now, concerning a girl named Katie Casey. There were actually two verses about Casey, and historians now believe they were inspired by lyricist Jack Norworth's girlfriend, vaudeville star and suffragist Trixie Friganza.   

“Trixie was one of the major suffragists,” says Susan Clermont, senior music specialist at the Library of Congress. “She was one of those women with her banner and her hat and her white dress, and she was a real force to be reckoned with for women’s rights.” In 1907, Friganza’s two worlds—celebrity and activism—would collide when she began a romantic relationship with Jack Norworth.

Norworth, a well-known vaudeville performer and songwriter in his own right, was married to actress Louise Dresser when he met Friganza. (When news of the wedded couple’s separation hit the press, Dresser announced that her husband was leaving her for the rival vaudeville star.) The affair was at its peak in 1908 when Norworth, riding the subway alone on an early spring day through New York City, noticed a sign that read “Baseball Today—Polo Grounds” and hastily wrote the lyrics of what would become “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” on the back of an envelope. Today, those original lyrics, complete with Norworth’s annotations, are on display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Read about the unique and uncompromising Trixie Friganza at Smithsonian. You'll also see those original annotated lyrics.

(Image source: Library of Congress)


The Man Who Was Too Sexy For Hollywood

Hayakawa Kintarō didn't set out to be a Hollywood movie star. He traveled from Japan to Chicago to get a degree in economics. But after graduating in 1912, while waiting for a ship to take him back to Japan, he caught the acting bug and became a movie star under the stage name Sessue Hayakawa.

Contemporary reports from the period reveal that screenings of Hayakawa’s films would routinely be filled largely with young women who’d scream incessantly whenever he appeared onscreen- no doubt not only enjoying his good looks, but also his calm and collected portrayals of the bad boy or forbidden lover characters that he so often appeared as.

Despite being a symbol of pure sex, an interesting thing to note was that in the films themselves, Hayakawa was almost never actually allowed to get the girl, even in the ones where he was the primary love interest, nearly always losing the girl in the final act.

You see, at the time Hayakawa was a star, the idea of a Japanese man with a white woman was scandalous to the extreme, despite that the theaters were lined with said white women coming to see the Japanese heartthrob.

Hayakawa raked in the money, but was frustrated with being typecast. His films were not well received in Japan due to the racist way his characters were portrayed. So he took matters into his own hands and opened his own film studio. But the twists and turns of history worked against him in several ways. Read the story of Sessue Hayakawa at Today I Found Out.


Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran Team Up For Mental Health Awareness In This Funny Video

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Both Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran want to ensure that not just today but every day, you look after yourself, your friends and those around you. There’s no need to suffer in silence - share how you’re feeling, ask how someone is doing and listen for the answer. Be willing to ask for help when you need it and know that we are all in this together. #WMHD Check out the accounts below for more resources and support: @Heads_Together @Calmzone @MentalHealthFoundation @CharityNoPanic @SamaritansCharity @YoungMindsUK @GiveUsAShoutInsta @Childline_official @LetsTalkAboutMentalHealth @Jedfoundation @Pandas_UK @Charitysane @MindCharity @TimeToChangeCampaign @RethinkMentalIllness @MentalHealthMates @ActionHappiness @MHFAEngland @DitchTheLabel @TheBlurtFoundation

A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

"Well, you know, with the jokes and snide comments, I just think it's time we stood up and said, we're not going to take this anymore,'' Ed Sheeran states in the video, as he came over Prince Harry’s house. Sheeran, however, was not on the same page with the prince. "We are ginger and we're gonna fight."

"Slightly awkward,'' Harry replies, realizing that his fellow redhead might not be talking about the same thing. "Maybe a miscommunication, but this is about World Mental Health Day."

"I definitely knew that,'' as Sheeran erases the title of his presentation, which was “Gingers Unite”.

Jokes aside, Harry then turns to the issue that has been a focus for him and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.
"Guys, this World Mental Health Day, reach out, make sure that your friends, strangers look out for anybody that might be suffering in silence," he says. "We're all in this together."
His focus on removing the stigma around mental health issues stems from the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, who died in a car crash when he was 12.
He revealed in 2017 that he began suffering panic attacks following her death and that he eventually sought counseling 20 years later to deal with his grief.

It’s good to raise awareness about mental health issues, and, in my opinion, it’s even better that influential people are bringing this matter and matters like this one on the table.

(Video Credit: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex/ Instagram)


Fishcake To Die For

A man named Darren Hickey has died after sampling a fishcake so hot it burned his throat and caused him to be unable to breathe, an inquest has heard. His voice box swelled up over the following 12 hours, which eventually caused him to choke.

The 51-year-old wedding planner was given the small fishcake to try by a chef at a wedding venue on 4 April.
It burnt the back of his throat and as the pain grew worse during the afternoon, Mr Hickey visited the urgent care ward at Chorley Hospital, Lancashire.
The inquest into his death heard how he would have had difficulty breathing and swallowing because of the pain and swelling.
Patrick Waugh, a pathologist who performed a post-mortem examination, said the case was very rare, only seen normally in people who have breathed in smoke in house fires, which burns the airways.
“The patient can appear well, they will be talking to you, but then the swelling starts,” he said.

Find out more about this over at the Independent.

I guess this is a reminder for us to make sure that our food is not that hot before putting it in our mouth. What do you think?

(Image Credit: Neil Parkinson /SWNS.COM)


This Fugitive's Dinner Betrayed Him and Caused Him to be Found by the Police

China might have some of the most advance technologies in facial recognition, but this man's fate was determined by his dinner.

As reported by the South China Morning Post, the unbelievable arrest came months after Jiangsu province police had been on the hunt for a man by the name Guo Bing, who was suspected of gang crimes, fraud, and extortion.
China’s use of facial recognition technology has been integral in aiding authorities to find suspects on the run. Indeed, according to China Daily, China’s facial recognition technology is now so accurate that it can positively identify 98.1 percent of human faces within 0.8 seconds.
But in the case of Guo, things weren’t that simple. While police were able to locate the building in which Guo had been hiding, they couldn’t narrow down which exact unit he occupied. The building’s high number of tenants also made it more difficult to determine his location, according to Detective Ge Lei.

Upon installing a 24-hour surveillance camera, the police still failed to determine the unit he was in. Instead, they were left with a clue:

“We saw him buying vegetables and hotpot soup base at a market one afternoon,” Ge said, “so we guessed he was going to have hotpot that day.” It was an unorthodox way to track down a suspect but authorities were left with no other option.

With the smell of hotpot in mind, the police started the search and found Guo at the seventh floor of the building.

Image Credit: Pixabay


Humorous Units of Measurement

Wikipedia has a list of Humorous units of measurement, in addition to their List of unusual units of measurement. The humorous units are better, although the two lists are not mutually exclusive. the humorous units all have funny stories behind them, but some stand out because they are actually used.

Mickey (distance)

One mickey is the smallest resolvable unit of distance by a given computer mouse pointing device. It is named after Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoon character.[15] Mouse motion is reported in horizontal and vertical mickeys. Device sensitivity is usually specified in mickeys per inch. Typical resolution is 500 mickeys per inch (16 mickeys per mm), but resolutions up to 16,000 mickeys per inch are available.

Smoot (distance)

The Smoot is a unit of length, defined as the height in 1958 of Oliver R. Smoot, who later became the Chairman of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and then the president of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The unit is used to measure the length of the Harvard Bridge. Canonically, and originally, in 1958 when Smoot was a Lambda Chi Alpha pledge at MIT (class of 1962), the bridge was measured to be 364.4 Smoots, plus or minus one ear, using Mr. Smoot himself as a ruler.[17] At the time, Smoot was 5 feet, 7 inches, or 170 cm, tall.[18] Google Earth and Google Calculator include the smoot as a unit of measurement.

The Cambridge (Massachusetts) police department adopted the convention of using Smoots to measure the locations of accidents and incidents on the bridge. When the original markings were removed or covered over during bridge maintenance, the police had to request that someone reapply the Smoot scale markings.[19] During a major bridge rebuild, the concrete sidewalk was permanently divided into segments one Smoot in length, as opposed to the regular division of six feet.[20]

Wiffle (distance)

A Wiffle, also referred to as a WAM for Wiffle (ball) Assisted Measurement, is equal to a sphere 89 millimeters (3.5 inches) in diameter – the size of a Wiffle ball, a perforated, light-weight plastic ball frequently used by marine biologists as a size reference in photos to measure corals and other objects.[21][22] The spherical shape makes it omnidirectional and perfect for taking a speedy measurement, and the open design also allows it to avoid being crushed by water pressure. Wiffle balls are a much cheaper alternative to using two reference lasers, which often pass straight through gaps in thin corals.

A scientist on the research vessel EV Nautilus is credited with pioneering the technique.[citation needed]

Barn, outhouse, shed (area)

A barn is a serious unit of area used by nuclear physicists to quantify the scattering or absorption cross-section of very small particles, such as atomic nuclei.[23] It is one of the very few units which are accepted to be used with SI units, and one of the most recent units to have been established (cf. the knot and the bar, other non-SI units acceptable in limited circumstances).[24] One barn is equal to 1.0×1028 m2. The name derives from the folk expression "Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn", used by particle accelerator physicists to refer to the difficulty of achieving a collision between particles. The outhouse (1.0×106 barns) and shed (1.0×1024 barns) are derived by analogy.

Pirate-ninja (power)

A Pirate-ninja is defined as one kilowatt-hour (3.6 MJ) per Martian day, or sol. Andy Weir, author of The Martian, revealed in a 2015 interview with Adam Savage that the Curiosity rover team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory references milli-pirate-ninjas in their meetings.[29]

Shake (time)

In nuclear physics, a shake is 10 nanoseconds, the approximate time for a generation within a nuclear chain reaction. The term comes from the expression "two shakes of a lamb's tail", meaning quickly.[41]

Garn (nausea)

The Garn is a unit used by NASA to measure nausea and travel sickness caused by space adaptation syndrome. It is named after astronaut Jake Garn, who was frequently sick during tests and on orbit.[50] A score of one Garn means the sufferer is completely incapacitated.[51]

You'll also want to go read about the Sagan, the milliHelen, the Wheaton, the beard-second, and the megaFonzie at Wikipedia.  -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Peter Vince)

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