The United States of Fat: A Map of Obesity in the USA

Fit Nation, a special report at CNN has a map showing how the United States is becoming fatter and fatter over the past twenty years. Notice how good ol' Mississippi leads the way in obesity (30% of Mississippians are found to be obese!): Link

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RE: Sid

You must be joking. Tell me you bake your own whole grain bread every day. Doubt it. And if you think buying fresh vegetables and meat in bulk is accessible to the WORKING poor you are incorrect. Take a look at grocery stores in any poor neighborhood. You'll find meat that's often been repackaged, sold beyond it's expiration date as well as overpriced and far from "fresh" vegetables. Your pompous platitudes serve no one but yourself.
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"They are just way too lazy to do so … might interfere with watching Oprah or QVC"

Hmmm, let's see....

There are plenty of ways to end your pontificating post, Sid.

Here are a few...

-might interfere with playing their Wii.

-might interfere with playing WoW.

-might interfere with watching porn and jerking off.

-might interfere with getting stoned/drunk and making a fool out of themselves.


might interfere with making judgemental posts about others on some website.
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Sorry, but "it's cheaper to eat bad [sic]" is crap.
It's FAR cheaper to buy quality raw ingredients (flour, sugar, rice, bulk fresh meats & veg) and to prepare meals from scratch than it is to buy pre-made microwavable frozen food and/or takeout (healthy OR unhealthy).

Your argument only holds true if it is a "given" that they are too lazy to cook (actually prepare from scratch, not just microwave) for themselves and their familes. If that is true, then yes, it will probably be cheaper to buy processed junk food to microwave than healthy premade stuff to microwave (or take out). But that isn't the only option!

People can prepare their own food from staple ingredients a WHOLE lot cheaper than buying anything premade. They are just way too lazy to do so ... might interfere with watching Oprah or QVC.
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Being fat /= being Republican. People make enough associations (mainly negative) about fat, let's try not to add political leanings to the list.

Also: what teqjack said.
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Note also how the worst states happen to be the poorest. We love to complain about fat people, but no one ever seems to address the issue that it's cheaper to eat bad. Forget all the charts and programs, how about making fruit and vegetables cheaper than Little Debbie's?
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