Extra Giblets in Your Chicken? I Smell a Lawsuit!

Usually, consumers are mad if things are missing in the product they buy, but this class action lawsuit is about something extra:

We were reminded of that scheming today when we read about what Courthouse News Service reports may be the first federal class action based on concealment of chicken giblets. In the complaint, Perdue Farms is accused of disposing of “an enormous quantity of extra giblet parts” by a “secret practice” of stuffing extra hearts, gizzards and necks into its whole chickens, thereby “dispos(ing) of its extra giblets” and tricking customers into paying the regular per-pound price for them.[...]

But aren’t gizzards the best part? Clearly these people have never tasted a good chicken giblet gravy. Indeed, when reached for comment, Julie DeYoung, a Perdue spokeswoman, told the Law Blog: “While it is company practice not to comment on pending litigation, I can tell you the majority of our giblets complaints are about MISSING giblets. We just received the lawsuit and will review it in more detail, but we anticipate a vigorous defense.”

Link - via Offbeat

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I was cleaning out a whole raw chicken the other day (I hate to touch raw chicken, so no easy feat for me), and I swear all of these extra giblets came out of it. They just kept coming out and coming out! I thought it was odd at the time, and needless to say, I was totally disgused. Now I know why!
Chicken tasted just like chicken.
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Actually, Scooter, while most people throw bones away, they really shouldn't, as they can be used to make stock. It's better homemade, and it wastes none of the chicken.
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Someone should complain about getting less chicken by weight because there are bones in it. You just throw them away so really they should only weight the meat?

Silly people.
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