Its vs. It's

Bob the Angry Flower tells it like it is (you idiots!):

That's it Folks! That's all y'gotta remember! Can you substitute "it is"? Then use "it's". If you can't DON'T!!!

Example: The cat hurt it's feet > The cat hurt it is feet. > WRONG!

This one's stupidly simple, people!!!

Biggify the picture here: Link, check out more of this fantastic webcomic: Bob the Angry Flower by Stephen Notley (apparently, Bob has an intense hatred of the incorrect us of apostrophe to form plurals - a grammatical crime I've committed from time to time) - Thanks Lee!

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My mom was an English teacher for many years, and the rule of thumb she always said was that if you can't use the uncontracted words ("you are," "it is," "they are," etc.) in the place of the contraction ("you're," "it's," or "they're"), don't use the contraction. Simple as that.

I love Bob the Angry Flower, by the way.
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"Its vs. It's"

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