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Am I the only person who's picked up on Miss Cellania's rather subversive choice of phrasing for the name of this post? ;)

I'll just leave it at that, so no one will be tempted to google it at work or something.
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Yeah, I think the bigger danger of this stuff is stupid people passing it off as drugs and then getting stabbed by some angry junkie who paid twenty bucks for it.
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I'd hazard a guess that a large portion of lottery ticket buyers have criminal records. I doubt the state wants to alienate that gravy train.

At least Massachusetts has the cojones to admit it's gambling. It never ceases to amuse me when states hold lotteries, but make "gambling" illegal.
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To Orb who argues that "The reality is that we face tanks. We face planes. We face Battleships. These things cannot be fought with rifles."

That is true, but I think Iraq and Afghanistan both point to the fact that a bunch of locals with vastly inferior weaponry can pose a significant challenge to a technically superior force. Do you really think a revolution against an oppressive government is going to occur in a series of pitched battles? Or that any government is going to shell its own cities just to put down some unruly citizens? No. And when it comes time for that oppressive government's foot soldiers to go in and take care of that insurrection, they're going to do a whole lot more soul searching when it comes to shooting and killing their armed countrymen in self-defense instead of simply arresting unarmed ones.

Even if you have 100% faith in your government, there can always be a catalyst that can "change everything." People say that a lot about 9/11 -- imagine if that had been domestic terrorists. I wonder if we would be debating the morality of water boarding US citizens who might just have had the misfortune of being related to the wrong people?
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"I bet they did it, craving attention more than school spirit. Some chicks are just sluts. They’re just making a scene becaus they can. It equals MORE attention."

I bet you get all the ladies with that attitude.
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I think it's interesting that beautifully big is a body image as rare as those waifish supermodels. People with that high of a BMI are almost never that well proportioned. Symmetrical fat placement is just as genetic as symmetrical features.
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Most people who have a profile on either myspace or facebook also have a profile on the other one. Almost everyone I know has a profile on all of them save Twitter.
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In a similar vein to some of the comments, I like what the Rotten Library has to to say:

"The mistake often made in describing the crimes and actions of the Third Reich is to somehow dehumanize them, turn all the players into demons and monsters, the same techniques used by the Nazis themselves to target and exterminate Jews and other undesirables. To dehumanize Nazis is to turn them into archetypes as opposed to functioning humans; it sets us up to be "surprised" again when traits of the Nazis show up elsewhere, in other places, at a lessened level but with the same misguided goals and logic behind them."
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Heh, I think it's less a scientology thing and more of the age old argument of nature vs. nurture as defined by sociologist and psychologists. Personally, I'm of the opinion that a big chunk of sociology consists of politics made science, but maybe that's just me.
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Muslims have a problem with any image of Muhammad, not just disrespectful ones. They consider it idolatry. Ironically, if Christians followed their holy book with the same rigor as Muslims, they'd feel exactly the same way about Jesus - perhaps even more so since they consider Jesus divine, unlike Muhammad.

Also the assumption that all Muslims are violent makes about as much sense as the counter that all Christians are not. Centennial Olympic Park bombing? The Nuremberg Files hitlist?
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