Painted Bodies at Football Game: OK for Boys, But Not for Girls?

Two girls at Manatee High School in Bradenton, Florida, showed up to a football game with painted bodies.

Now a controversy swirled because they were booted from the game, while boys with painted bodies were allowed to stay!

"People think we did it to be rebellious senior teenagers but we did it because we wanted to show school spirit," student Monica CummingS said. "That's all we did it for."

School district policy states that it is up to administrators to decide whether something is appropriate or not and in this case, the principal decided that the girls' outfits were not appropriate.

Once the girls came in, there were a number of people who came up to the principal, the assistant principal and other school administrators who were very upset over their appearance, school spokeswoman Margi Nanney said. "We have never had complaints about the men or the boys."

Was it sexism or just an appropriate response to indecency? Should they have been allowed to stay? What do you think? Link

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there is absolutley nothing wrong with their outfits, they just wanted to have fun and do something different so they wore bikini tops and painted their bodies, big whope, their not naked. and what i dont get is guys show up with no shirts and their bodies painted and their not getting in trouble, thats sexist.
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I think that because of the different anatomy in males and females, wearing a bikini is slightly inappropriate. A bikini does NOT fully COVER a woman's breasts. Perhaps that was part of the problem, a little slippage and there is complete nudity. I do think that sports bras would be more acceptable or a cutoff shirt displaying the midriff. Or as others have suggested, an easy solution is to allow only face painting (or arms and legs as well). It IS somewhat a double standard, but I can see how it would be offensive.
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i worked at king's island (theme park) and guys were not allowed to walk around with their shirts off, but women were allowed to walk around with thier bikini tops. a lot of men got really upset about it and would bring up the fact that girls were allowed to walk around with their bathing suits on. of course, this is a reverse situation, but comparable nonetheless. so king's island started making girls put their shirts on. so i agree with a few of you above.. it's either all or nothing. in order to get equal treatment, both need to be treated equally. DUH. that school is dumb.
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“Bradenton??? Not surprised (I have a buddy who lives there).”

"Hah, I graduated from that very school in 1989. They probably still have the same principal."

Yep, I'm not surprised at all that this happened in Manatee county. But I would be even LESS surprised if it happened in Sarasota county.
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