New Study: Men Like Beauty, Women Like Money When Looking for Mates

Let's all let out a collective "duh" at this new study:

New scientific research has reached the conclusion which many of us have long suspected - that men are attracted by beauty while women focus on a partner's wealth.

Data taken from a speed-dating study reveals that when it comes to the rules of attraction people behave like stereotypical Neanderthals.

It found that men would try to entice the most attractive woman they met, although they accepted they would make do with someone who falls somewhat short of their dream.

Meanwhile women will try and find a man whose wealth is on the same level as their own perceived attractiveness.


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Okay, and while we wait for the media to ban junk food advertising and the promoting of unhealthy body images (which would be great, but like that is going to happen any time soon), what's going to happen to these girls with anorexia? They could die within months. And do you really think that the moment the media restricts these things, anorexics will start eating, and obese people will adopt a healthier lifestyle?
You simplify the issue way too much. Social influences are only part of the problem. Anorexia is more about control and perfectionism than being thin. Obesity is largely influenced by our evolutionary preference for fatty and sweet foods that are now available to us in the Western world in excess. With or without advertising, people are always going to have access to and a desire to consume these foods. We can’t restrict availability of chocolates and sweets to the population. Some people develop behavioural habits over time so they lack the control (and sometimes the knowledge) to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Eating disorders aren’t a uniquely Westernised phenomenon either e.g., pica or night-eating disorder to name a few.
And what do you propose is the cultural solution to alcoholism? Banning alcohol? Do you understand the science of addiction?
And how do you propose we help people with, say, autism or Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome through cultural changes?
You speak of lobbying for an impossible utopia. You focus on the culture of the population but you forget about the individual.
Besides, I am a qualified psychologist, not a political lobbyist.
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If you really want to help these people, quit your job and focus on lobbying advertising companies to get unhealthy bodies being passed off as the norm on mass media. Also, lobby to get junk food advertising banned. Eating disorders are uniquely westernised cultural phenomenon.

Same goes for the drug-alcohol users, we need social change not the medicalising of difference and despondency.

Mental health issues are political, not medical.
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Well perhaps you'd better avoid me then Terry. I'm dangerous and will probably try to label and drug you with my "toxic medication", at least according to your information.
I’m a psychologist. I'm currently in training to council people with eating disorders, and alcohol and drug-related problems. I wish to help them stop these self-destructive behaviours so that they may lead healthier lifestyles and take the strain off their families and friends. I don't plan on recommending that anyone take drugs to treat these problems, in fact, I am focussed on taking their dependence off drugs. Do you think that makes me a bad person? If I’m doing “ok in life”, does that then qualify me to help people? Oh yeah, and I earn next to nothing.
Let me just say that what you've based your ideas on is a vicious and unreasonable attack on an industry that you can’t know as much about as you think you do. If you did, then your opinion would be very different.
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Loren Mosher's Soteria proved that so-called mental health experts are not necessary, neither is toxic medication. The best people to assist people that are experiencing problems with life are people who have learned to cope with life's problems. That's why the psychopharmacology industry cut Mosher's funding and closed the Soteria down. Psychiatrist or psychologist that believe their own diatribe are dangerous people and should be avoided. Both of these fields are no more scientific than tea leave readers. A psychology degree does not make you an expert in mental health. Anyone that is doing ok in life is a mental health expert.

I also work in the field as a volunteer so get off your high horse. We have been lobbying the Govt for funding to setup a residency mirroring the Soteria project, we are close to achieving this. We wont be asking Psychologists or Psychiatrists to participate. Their will be no labeling or toxic medication.

Sorry to everyone else for getting off topic but my my original point is I agree with Matt's comment.
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