US Supreme Court to Review Right to Bear Arms

"A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

- The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

For the first time in 70 years, the United States Supreme court will review the right to bear arms.

The case centers on a Washington DC ban on keeping handguns at home. In 1976, a city ordinance prohibit the ownership of handguns, except for police officers (shotguns or hunting rifles are okay). This law was challenged by 6 city residents as being unconstitutional because it denied them the right to have firearms at home for self defense.

To date, the Second Amendment is the most contested issue in the interpretation of the Constitution, mirroring gun control as one of the most controversial issue in American public policy. As the debate rages on, American society continue to deal with gun violence, including sporadic yet sensational mass shootings.

Do you think that the Second Amendment is an archaic concept that shouldn't apply in modern times? Or that it only applied to the collective "militia" and not an individual rights to begin with? Would we be safer if guns are outlawed?

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All this talk about gun control boils down to one thing, should we have guns or not. The answer is we should. For all those anti-gun control out there every government that has taken the full control of it's citizens has taken away arms. Good luck stopping a dictatorship with a peice of paper and angry rants. Some may say the soviet union fell in the face of the angry mob. Answer is no, it died because of dire economic issues.
In our case the economy can still support a dictatorship without the complications of the soviet system. More over most of us are too busy making money and staying alive than thinking about potential plans the government has for us. Another part is how I hate how most of our fellow Americans are barely really patriotic at all. They wave a flag a 911, but do they really care?
Next of all, if the government orders the military to kill some civilians it will happen. For those who say thats BS, check out Milfords experiment. Another way they can do it is instead of saying "go down 2 blocks and kill a couple sons and fathers", but go "head down there and kill a couple terrorists". This is called congnitive social disorder for those who are too cute to know. p.s. (Most people overestimate their resistance to the law). If the government ruins you finacially, kiss any notion of resistance good bye.
But all my previous talk is bs, the people will demand all these rights removed because half of our boys and girls are more interested in the next celebrity than the intergrity and honor of our nation.
Of course most people will say Im a nut job for calling everyone stupid, reflect upon yourselves on the last discussion with your friends. Was it anime, a game, computers, a tv show, a movie, celebrities, music videos, or how much your life sucks?
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If we give up our guns who will protect us from our govt officials when they come to get us for some insane, asinine, made-up "crime", like we aren't buying into their mandated mantra.

Criminals & crazies will always find guns or other means of killing people individually or en mass for any reason or no reason. It's only the honest gun-owning individual who gets put in danger when the state attempts to disarm the people.

For every criminal or crazy that gets shot & killed by a legal gun-owner (hand gun or otherwise) while attacking an innocent person/people, that's one less criminal/crazy on our streets.
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In response to the question posed at the end of the article, Yes. I do believe guns, in a society that is only familiar with them as instruments of violence, should be outlawed in public.
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Not news - at least national news of any great nature. But, whoa, will the folks that would like to get rid of the 2nd Amendment try to make hay out of a tragedy.

If anything, it might be news that it's a shame that no one was able to take out the nutcase.
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