Should This Lottery Winner Get to Keep the Money?

Timothy Elliott may just be the unluckiest lottery winner. He beat the odds of 1 in 1,247,400 to win $1 million in a scratch ticket, but he won't beat the odd of getting busted.

See, Elliott is still on probation for two bank robberies. And the terms of his probation clearly stated: no gambling!

And of course, there are opposing views about this:

"That's absurd!" said Edina Russ, of Yarmouthport. "Whatever he had done in the past has nothing to do with his life today. He didn't steal that ticket. That's his money."

But John Derendinger Jr. of Hyannis said fair is fair.

"If he's on probation, then he shouldn't gamble as a violation of probation," said Derendinger, who was ringing a bell for the Salvation Army. "And he shouldn't be able to get the winnings."


What do you think? Should they let the dude keep the winnings? Or bust his butt back to jail for violating his probation?

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Everyone who doesnt believe that man diserves the winning are the ones who couldnt give a flying %u(K about anyone but thereselfs, and just like someone said before, How many People that have served time for worse crimes buy lotto Tickets in that same lottery? so this is completely over Jeliousy, most people would rather see the money in there pockets but when a guy who happend to serve time and he didnt break any law perchacing the ticket, everyone apposed to it will do anything in there power to make sure that if they cant become rich then he shouldnt, its all over Jeliousy and Money so whoever believes that this guy doesnt deserve it are selfish cowards who have no remorce for anyone but there ownself.
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what an idiot. why wouldnt he give the ticket to someone "trustworthy" and then give them some of the money so that he can have the money and wont get busted.
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okay the saying is right what comes around goes around if you be around and he stayed around now he is paying for it.When he robbed banks it was okay.look at it this way he will just be paying back what he took.he should give it to charity.
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Common law (English from which our law is generally or originally was to follow, is quite looking at the intent of the applicable law,) A person is to stay away from gambling, and why it was written, to keep the parolee away for association with criminals and in the case of gambling, a potential for a camaraderie which would have a greater propensity to ease the parolee back into crime.

I do not believe a clerk or a dispensing machine would fall into the "near occasion of sin" and lead the parolee even to a gambling parlor. Added to that, since the odds are so high, one rarely presumes to even win.

As someone said, maybe the good Lord gave this parolee a chance to do good.

Let him keep it.
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