Regional Personalities

Research on the "geography of personality" finds that certain regions of the US correlate with certain personality traits. Some of these traits feed into stereotypes; others don't.
Even after controlling for variables such as race, income and education levels, a state's dominant personality turns out to be strongly linked to certain outcomes. Amiable states, like Minnesota, tend to be lower in crime. Dutiful states -- an eclectic bunch that includes New Mexico, North Carolina and Utah -- produce a disproportionate share of mathematicians. States that rank high in openness to new ideas are quite creative, as measured by per-capita patent production. But they're also high-crime and a bit aloof. Apparently, Californians don't much like socializing, the research suggests.

The study did not control for how long a person lived in their current state. It also did not find out why personality traits congregate the way they do. Is it something about the region itself, or the genes of the people born there? Can you "catch" certain traits by moving to a new state? My home state of Kentucky is only ranked high for neuroticism. The Wall Street Journal article includes an interactive map where you can look up your state's personality traits. Link -Thanks, christophe!

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I live in Ga, and they scored us 6 and 8 for extroversion and agreeableness. I couldn't disagree more. People are generally very polite and courteous around here.
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I guess I live in the least neurotic state in the union. No. 51, so they must have included Puerto Rico or some other territory in the study. I was born in a more neurotic and less extroverted state though, so what does that make me?
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I don't know. I've not done any scientific study, but I work in an industry that requires me to interact with large numbers of people from multiple states on a frequent basis, and I don't see any of these findings in my interactions. Actually, I find quite the opposite. Now, this is all quite anecdotal, but I'm willing to bet that my sample size rivals that of this study.
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Hmm, maybe weather does have an effect on this! I wonder if a map showing the weather of these regions are bounded by the same personality-type boundaries.
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"Regional Personalities"

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