Man Takes Pictures Of Himself Everyday For 8 Years

Living My Life Faster - 8 years of JK's Daily Photo Project from c71123 on Vimeo.

This guy took pictures of himself everyday for 8 years. After he bought his Nikon CoolPix 900 camera, his girlfriend asked if he would be using it everyday with a sarcastic inflection. Little did she know that he was about to begin the project of his life. Click the image to see the video.

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this guy was dorky in the beginning, drop dead hot near 1:06-1:10 and then looked all hippieish and gross. he went hot, not, hot, not, hot, gross and hippieish. shave ur head and face, ud look hotter
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The year 2000. Windows 98 was still the norm, 28k and 56k commonplace and DSL connections of 128k was a thing for the rich and famous. Youtube wasn't even a twinkle in it's developers eyes.

If this is not faked, this man shows incredible foresight. Heck, 8 years ago I was a fat 11 year old about to get my growth spurt on. A lot happen in 8 years.
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@Rohin: LOL..

to those who think this is fake-- of course it's not fake. why would someone go through the trouble of taking that many pictures with that many haircuts and shirts and not have it take several years?

this dude was totally hot. and don't crap on him for [maybe] discovering pot towards the end of this experiment. think of it as part of the process of 8 years of growth, both internal and external. @Thespian: the shaven head thing got me too! i loved that it would go really short and then frizz out. fun.
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