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Holly Crap, this Ricardo is Retardo. This is serious, those children are going to end up so messed up. They should be taken from these parents care (if you can call it care) thank goodness this was realized before if escalated.
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I drink many Caesars. For you Americans who don't know what that is, it's a bloody Mary but with tomato and clam juice. Ah yes Clamato Juice, ddddelicious! If you come here you must try it ;)
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AND you'll also reduce pollution, excerise more, maybe even commute less and live closer to work, therefore spending more time with family... Yes I see many positive things and it's about time! A cryin' shame that money is the only way many will change tho...
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I think feeding the homeless or giving them money is stupid and not helpful, it keeps them on the streets and isn't the whole point to get them off? Doesn't make sense to me...
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Haha I remember all that stuff. Funny not a lot of people know about BBS's. I also remember the first mouses that were a rolling ball on the keyboard. I thought they were "fun".
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