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Its a ice claw lifter from the olden days (and still sometimes in the country) when they used to cut ice from the lake and then store it in a hut with sawdust. You'd lift a (big) cube of ice out, rinse it then put it in the ice box or cooler.
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I like the spin on this article, pointing out the good and bad of their society. Not all in one sided.

And hey they choose to marry and live therem right? I mean I don't think they went into it blind with their hands tied...
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Debates are a wonderful thing for those with an open mind. Take in both sides, realize the strength and weakness of your option and your opponents. A good debate isn't possible if you can't see the opposing view before making your counter acting point.

In end you can get bogged down with silliness’ (and possibly ill used pride?) over a very serious issue. Then no one cares anymore to listen -err, read- and take your points seriously, even if they do hold weight.
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Natural Selection, Evolution of Species, human genes are always trying out new things, a better or different being, possibly a better model of a being. It's astounding how many deformities there are, the stuff of legends and myths. Sure it disgusts many of us, but also strikes our interest, many our compassion, I believe many diseases actually make people unique... maybe even greater than the norm. See;

I know that is off topic, but wanted to add that. I read the comments and don't agree or disagree, but I do find "human marvels" quite interesting from a scientific perspective. Looking back at ancient myths you have to think there must be some truth some fact in which the stories began.
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A very controversial thing for James Watson to say, but I do give him kudos many scientists would not touch this subject with a 10' pole. Maybe theres truth in the fact that some cultures are slower to evolve, or evolve differently and that's connected with poverty and lack of tools to progress...

History and Globalization shows us the differences in societies and how we differ in forms of progress, fate and outcome. Intelligence is a form of evolution in many ways. Without the tools how can we learn if we are just trying to survive?

Re the Asia debate, maybe it also has something to do with the sheer population? After all if you have trillions to pick from there's a better chance of genius....
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