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Interesting & Ironic. More of a statement than prank.

A reverse situation for me, as I am a pedestrian and have to cross busy roads and wait endlessly for a break in the traffic....

Genius on many levels.
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I agree 110% with Steph. However everyone is entitled to their opinions.

My opinion in that this was a very sad video. Although there are merits to the mission of most Zoo’s it broke my heart to see these pandas attempting an escape and to hear laughter over what I think is a serious matter. Either way you must admit these animals are not happy.

As for not being adapted to cold climates, well Panda’s are from China and are not meant to live in other places, so that is totally unfounded. As for Zoo's under strict regulations, this does not apply to all Zoo's... I remember a horrible experience of a zoo in Cuba when I was quite young, not to mention the horrible reality of “dancing bears”, which granted has stopped, but after all many places are not like US & Canada in rules and regulations...

Either way I do believe these animals felt desperation, they do not understand their circumstance, only that they are in a concrete alien world. I myself would rather face death than be confided to a cage all my life. I commend Neatorama for all their posts, although I do not particularly like this one, it still brings an interesting debate and uncovers many opinions. After all opinion, knowledge and free speech is what brings freedom from cruelty.
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Did you know that Suzanne Somers actually stole the idea for the thigh master from the Victorian era? Yep, that right folks, this is “The Genuine Thigh Master” and it comes with a double whammy of the butt clincher as noted on the reverse side of the item in question. It tightens everything a Victorian girl needed and yeah, they were tough, no fancy colours or padding required :)
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I read a book written by a autistic boy in which the mother taught him to speak by hand signs and also verbally by pushing him so if forced air up and he could thow out a word. It's a amazing book; The Mind Tree by Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay.
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We have big slugs here in BC (not that big tho) and they acually eat your dead skin if you let them crawl on you. Anyways, I found that quite disgusting as I am sure this one would hurt if it tried to take a nibble/scrape of you. EW!
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