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I went to Archie McPhee's recently and got the bacon jellybeans as I told my friends, "bacon jellybeans are better left imagined than tasted." But the bacon shaped tin is awesome...
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I don't get what the big deal is. I mean are we that afraid of our parents knowing who we are? Sheesh!

Or maybe it's about realizing they are more popular than us?

As for declining Grandma's friend request that just mean :'(
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Read 9 of the 100, going to check out several on that list. I've always prefered the classics over modern literature, but should add that I only found this in my 20's while in school I hated that stuff.
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This article re 2007- mentions nothing about Petrol (gas) which is the issue at large. As they say it's easer to "fix" a disaster after it’s happened than put in methods to stop it. This article sucks, sorry but I had to say it. As for who ever said War on Terror, come on it's War FOR Petrol!!!
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Can you believe that they actually put this vid on the local news yesterday, distasteful bunch of freaks... Obviously I didn't find it funny, quite the opposite.
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Interesting article. I just watched the documentary "A Crude Awakening", I found the documentary profoundly important... even if you take it with a grain of salt I believe there are prospects of this film you just can't dismiss.
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