Thanking Customer Sevice Rep Just Because ...

Being a customer service representative is thankless job. Customers with problems are usually angry and often take out their anger on the person they're talking to over the phone.

So Jake Bronstein of Zoomdoggle decided to do something about it. Like thanking the customer service rep for no other reason but just being nice!!

What can I say, it’s fun brightening other people’s day… so again, today, after lunch, I decided to ring up the customer service devision of a company I don’t use at all, just to say thanks to whoever picked up. You know, to spread some joy in a place that’s normally pretty joyless. This time I got the sound going right, next time I’ll get the chat going right. Did I tell you it’s something I plan on doing often?

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Jay Neivitch!

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@ Botanica -
I did work in a call center. For quite a while.

@ ted and Stolia
lol. Ted's is to heated and mine to mild? ..but I guess that means Stolia's was "juuuuuust right!" Goldilock would be pleased. :P
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"..because he would realize that about half the people actually are kind and say please and thank you."
That depends on the call center you're working in. It's true of the current call center I'm working in, but definitely not true of my previous call center job. Just, you know, follow the golden rule, and remember that the first person you talk to is always a peon and doesn't have any authority at all, so yelling at them is only going to make their day worse. Ask for a sup if you need anything but the basic stuff. Remember that the peons are trained to try to talk you out of what you want, their job depends on it-so don't take it out on them.
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"Thanking Customer Sevice Rep Just Because ..."

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