The Horror: Your Parents on Facebook, Befriending You

The growing popularity of Facebook has an unintended consequences for young people who used to have the social networking website all to themselves: their parents are joining and befriending them!

The Facebook group entitled "For the love of god -- don't let parents join Facebook" has 5,819 high school and college-aged members who want to stop the growing number of parents who are joining Facebook, the massively popular social networking site, from "spying" on them. [...]

"It's really weird that nonstudents and parents use Facebook," said Emma Gaines, a Tufts University sophomore. "It makes me feel really uncomfortable that my older aunt has Facebook, because she says that she likes to check up on her teenage nieces and nephews and takes our pictures for her own use. That's creepy."


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I would be fine with my parents friending me on Facebook. Heck, I speak my mind on there more than when I'm around them. I find it more comfortable and convenient. The problem is, my mom deleted her account and my father distrusts it. He's probably heard so many cases of people making dumb mistakes and getting themselves in hot water or killed that he thinks it happens all the time or something.
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I think these kids need to get their heads straight. It is the parents JOB to try to protect them, which sometimes includes what some idiots are calling 'invasion of privacy'. If you are willing to share it with your friends and whatever strangers you have your profile visible to, but not with your parents, NEWFLASH- you probably should not be doing/posting it!

This is part of the reason that my generation is going down in flames, because the parents are so afraid to 'offend' their kids, they want to be their friend, they want to never be the 'mean parent'.
I have a newsflash for you. My parents were considered very strict and restrictive by a lot of people that know us, but my siblings and I have a great relationship with them. Maybe it is time that parents realized that if you lay consistent ground rules from the day you are old enough to understand (which by the way, does not start at 13, it's more like, simple stuff at 1) and you stick by them and always communicate clearly, then you will have a much better relationship with your kid in the long run than if you just let the kid do whatever they want.
Because eventually the kid figures out that you could have saved them from some of the mistakes they made, if you would have just made some rules based on your own past experiences, and set consequences for not following those rules. I know the kid will not always follow those rules, But I know my parents saved me from a lot of trouble with their rules. I got to do a lot of learning from other people's mistakes instead of making them all myself!
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