Baby Miracle, Born with Deformed Face, Denied Entry to New Zealand

We've blogged before about how New Zealand is strict about denying immigrations to fat people, but apparently the country's not keen on letting the deformed in, either.

Here's the story about Baby Miracle:

Doctors had told the parents of a Samoan baby born with severe facial deformities that she should be left to die within hours. The couple refused, secretly feeding their daughter in hospital with a plastic syringe, and four months later she lives.

The case quickly attracted supporters, moving the public in the Polynesian island nation of Samoa and in New Zealand to donate NZ$103,000 (£40,000) so that a full medical assessment could be carried out on baby Miracletina to determine her future. But the courage of her parents, Sefulu and Mikaele Nanai, and campaigners was tested again yesterday when the New Zealand authorities denied a visa to the baby girl for medical assistance, arguing that surgery would not help.

Links: Times Online Article | New Zealand's TV3 Article | Baby Miracle's Blog | YouTube Clip (and why it's titled "Half human half pig") - via Arbroath

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I agree there's no free lunch and to another poster who commented on the mother wanting free aid, a lot of money has already been raised to help this CHILD. If the cat scan results that have just done acording to the articale say she can not be helped the money is to go to helping care for her for the rest of her life. SHe's not an animal to be euthanized because looking at her is inconvienant I know my spelling and tying isn't the best I appologize I'm a bit worked up and typing fast.
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what the fuck man i do not get how people can sit their and talk shit about kids like there some alien or something there human to
but if that was you how would you feel? well put yourself in their shshoes
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PS This argument can be considered slightly bias from a religious point of view - I myself am an athiest, so I don't believe if the girl is killed, there will be some wonderful afterlife waiting for her. She'll just be dead.
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