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Baby Miracle, Born with Deformed Face, Denied Entry to New Zealand

We've blogged before about how New Zealand is strict about denying immigrations to fat people, but apparently the country's not keen on letting the deformed in, either.

Here's the story about Baby Miracle:

Doctors had told the parents of a Samoan baby born with severe facial deformities that she should be left to die within hours. The couple refused, secretly feeding their daughter in hospital with a plastic syringe, and four months later she lives.

The case quickly attracted supporters, moving the public in the Polynesian island nation of Samoa and in New Zealand to donate NZ$103,000 (£40,000) so that a full medical assessment could be carried out on baby Miracletina to determine her future. But the courage of her parents, Sefulu and Mikaele Nanai, and campaigners was tested again yesterday when the New Zealand authorities denied a visa to the baby girl for medical assistance, arguing that surgery would not help.

Links: Times Online Article | New Zealand's TV3 Article | Baby Miracle's Blog | YouTube Clip (and why it's titled "Half human half pig") - via Arbroath

The baby is legally a citizen of the United States. She should be brought the US for her health care. Considering the treatment Samoans have faced under US occupation the US government is responsible for this child's health care.
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If you read the linked articles you'll find the baby is from Samoa, not the sister state American Samoa. Although there is mention that she did receive testing there, she is not an American citizen.
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Decency, humanity..........

Oh please, let us humans be not so selfish for the self!

Look at the creature. What will that thing do when it reaches any age that requires cognitive facial contact?

So so sad what a few people's self-centered, selfish acts upon their own desires will do to those that need to be put down.

Sorry, but this is one of those cases. No matter how much surgery, this one will not function properly and will cost not only the family, but everybody around it time, money and emotion that they could spend elsewhere. Bury this thing and then honour its spirit, not let it suffer through an sub-par existence in what is already a shallow physical plain on earth among materialist stupidities.
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K's comment is disgusting.

However, "Kaka" takes the cake. Couching soulless "bioethics" doctrine in a load of faux-altruistic existential nonsense? I'm near to vomiting right now.

By your sick doctrines, Kaka, I strongly suggest you avoid the emergency room if you suffer a major injury. You'd be a "burden" on society, taking up "time, money and emotion" that could be spent "elsewhere"... Better to let anyone who might be "defective" or suffer massive injury die, so that only the "strong" and the "perfect" might a cold and heartless world, devoid of the singular inspiration provided by those noble souls who have overcome illness and physical deformity.

In a world absent of Helen Kellers (blind-deaf), Hank Williamses (spina bifida), Jesse Jacksons (cleft lip), Lord Byrons (club foot), Chris Burkes (Down syndrome), John F. Kennedys (Addison's disease), Christopher Reeveses (spinal injury), Lisa Bentleys (cystic fibrosis), or Susie Maroneys (crebral palsy).

...In a world devoid of people like my mother, who has survived three types of cancer, two of them terminal, and still lives her life to the very fullest. Or my hydrocephalic brother, who has beaten all the odds and grown into a handsome and strong 31-year-old man with a talent for cooking and carpentry, who just happens to have a very sophisticated pump in his head.

In your premature condemnation of that child above, Kaka, you have also condemned my family, and likely your own as well. I sincerely hope that no-one in your family tree suffered from cancer or a deformity. They would likely be as thoroughly disgusted with you as I am.

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Two dragons, you're assuming this child will grow up NOT mentally impaired. Look at the shape of the skull. The baby has severe Microcephaly.
Development of motor functions and speech may be severely delayed. Hyperactivity and mental retardation are common occurrences. The odds of this baby ever being a cohesive thinking being are not good.

I know its mean to say it, but this baby is not going to be any sort of Helen Keller.

Irrational bleeding hearts can do a lot of good in the world, sometimes they can just be irrational. The world is not full of happy endings. Not every situation can be fixed.
Try to help one deformed baby who caught media attention, or help 50 children, who aren't in the public eye? Sometimes issues aren't black and white. They're cold, depressing shades of grey.
IMO, if the mother is asking for public help, then she is taking money away from a LOT of other needy kids who WILL grow up to be cohesive thinking beings. Sadly, I really can't say I agree
with letting a severely deformed child have priority over a mass of other children who WONT get any help, because they don't have scary pictures to get attention with.
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"By your sick doctrines, Kaka, I strongly suggest you avoid the emergency room if you suffer a major injury. You’d be a “burden” on society, taking up “time, money and emotion” that could be spent “elsewhere”…"

Two Dragons, thanks for taking the bait and letting us know that you don't think things through before speaking (or writing).

You missed my point. They had a chance to let this one go, before it was born, then to let it rest quietly and quickly before emotions took over, to let this one down with honour, dignity, and humanity.

I go to the hospital all the time. I am not physically strong myself, and know all about what it's like to struggle. Emergency Room? What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with injuries that occur on an emergency basis.

This is an ethical question, not a moral one. Do not get the two confused. Club foot? Cleft Lip? You must be joking, dear sir, if you are seriously considering comparing those problems to this one here.

The eyes are in the wrong positions. The nose is in the wrong place. The mouth does not function. The ears are not present (pretty much).
The basic motor muscle functions relating back to the brain will be taxing enough, let alone dealing with the pure psychological non-relation that it is going to have in the open society.
There are times when the parents need to think things through and look at the future, and not their instant-moment emotions make them make hasty, desperate decisions.

The parents here have made a mistake. I can guarantee you that they will see that in less than a month.
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Excuse me, I meant to say eyes not visible and not present, may be non-functional, ears may be in the wrong positions.

My slight dyslexia makes my lists & orders back to front sometimes. Sorry about that.
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I live in New Zealand and this has been featured prominantly in the media.
This child was given an evaluation and on the basis of that the New Zealand medical team decided that the chance that a life saving difference was negligable.
There is a set budget for medical support that New Zealand gifts to Samoa in the form of aid.
This budget is very generous and is applied in varying amounts to a large number of pacific nations.
If it had been decided to fly this child to New Zealand for surgery, healthcare and support, it would have meant that a LARGE number of other, more worthy cases would not have been treated.
It is worth looking at these facts before blasting New Zealand for 'Denying Entry' as it is unfair and plain wrong.
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Taking the bait? Hardly. Just speaking up for someone you have absolutely no right to judge. So what if some features are missing, and others aren't where they're supposed to be? So what if it takes thousands of dollars in surgery to fix her face? When my brother was born, he wouldn't have survived without the intervention of dozens of medical professionals--and many of them told my parents that, even with the shunt in place, it was doubtful that he would be anything more than a vegetable. It cost literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to give my brother a functioning set of ventricles in his brain, and in doing so he has thrived and become a functioning member of society. How can you make such a rancid judgement call on an infant whose fate you have NO prescience over? How do you know that she won't become a beautiful, functional woman someday?

You even refer to the child as an "it". Congratulations, you are as inhuman as the pronoun you use.

I have nothing further to say on the subject, I have stated my defense of this child, and you will either understand it or you won't.

By the way, it's "madam", not "sir".

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From the article, I got the impression that full medical diagnosis was not done before entry was denied. I think the parents were fighting for the baby to get that diagnosis performed.

Would it be possible for the government of New Zealand to permit entry of Baby Miracle whilst leaving medical care to be picked up privately (or strictly through donations?)

While I don't agree with unrestrained spending on a (medically) lost cause, I will never be quick to judge the "worthiness" of lives.
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" Just speaking up for someone you have absolutely no right to judge."

Right. So how in the hell dare you judge me?

You want to talk Semantics? Fine.

How many deaths by ALCOHOL are there in a year in the US, let alone the world? DRUNK DRIVING?

OK, so you've stated your case - I don't see you running to the family to give them a hand, DIRECTLY.
Well? What are you going to do about it? If you such conviction on saving this thing, then you had better prove to me, and all the people here, right here, right now, to get over to that family's place and give them all the help they need, to let them know you care THAT much, and to tell the world that YOU, on TV, are Denita TwoDragons from Neatorama.

Cos if you don't, then you're a hypocrite, just like the rest of us here. A pathetic and, in fact, a lot WORSE than us for not helping and giving every penny you've got in rehabilitating this THING. And, to top it off, if you don't help that thing all the way to its adulthood, until it has fully grown to become this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN you so think it will become, and watch it become this spectacular independent woman, I will always point the finger at you, Ma'am, that you are much more pathetic and useless than I am.

I am a realist. Statistician.

You want to know what's sad? Look here and then you'll see:

1 Million out of 100 Million is always 1%.

You think about that.

So, 1 in 300 million is what? That's right - 0.003% of the population, if this THING was a part of the US population. You do the maths on how this affects the entire planet - costs, time, energy -

why doesn't the woman just TRY again?

Some people can't even have children - you want to fix them too, do ya, TwoDragons? Yeah? How you going to fix those who can't have their own? IMPORT some foreign child from some far away land just because that person wants to HOLD a baby? Give me a break. Don't be daft.
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Natural Selection, Evolution of Species, human genes are always trying out new things, a better or different being, possibly a better model of a being. It's astounding how many deformities there are, the stuff of legends and myths. Sure it disgusts many of us, but also strikes our interest, many our compassion, I believe many diseases actually make people unique... maybe even greater than the norm. See;

I know that is off topic, but wanted to add that. I read the comments and don't agree or disagree, but I do find "human marvels" quite interesting from a scientific perspective. Looking back at ancient myths you have to think there must be some truth some fact in which the stories began.
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Kaka said:

"My slight dyslexia..."

Dyslexia? You sub-human. Your parents should have let you die and just "tried again" for the betterment of the species.

BTW, your name suits you.
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@ Denita TwoDragons

Maybe someone else pointed this out, but Christopher Reeve is the only person on your list whose condition was the result of an accident, not a genetic disorder that was present at birth or developed as the individual aged. I just think he's a poor example, he never cared about anyone with spinal injuries before he had his own. After he was injured then he devoted time and gads of money trying to solve the problem his accident caused.

@ Kaka

Your comments regarding foreign adoption are horribly wrong. I went through the social services department of California when I was a child, and all the adults who were supposed to make decisions about child welfare were nothing short of corrupt, and I decided when I was young that I would not adopt from that same system. Those of us adopting from outside the US do so for reasons that go far beyond holding a baby. We want to be parents, to welcome a child into our lives that we can love and raise and send out into the world. It's not just HOLDing a baby, and it's not importing either.

People like you Kaka, make this world an ugly place.
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@ Kaka

More power to you.

@ All the nay sayers.

What is wrong with what Kaka is saying? Let me ask this real question, are doctors trying to kill deformed babies?

Do you believe when the doctors said it was in the best interest of the child to be starved and eventually die, where they doing so in ugly reform?

Open your eyes, perhaps even your minds. Who knows if this child is even thinking, if this child is nothing more then a vegetable. Beyond all that perhaps this child is alive and conscience then we have to say and ask - when my nose gets hit slightly it stings, perhaps this child with deformities so great, it got the name "half human half pig", lets imagine it can feel and every second of its waking life is cursed by the pains of abnormalities.

I think what the parents did was selfish. In the off-chance this child grows up who will mate with her? Who will show it love with such deformities? You may think im being cold, but really. really, think about the odds of this child finding love in this cold dark planet.

You can say what you want about Kaka but in the end, while he may make this world an ugly place, the real world isnt flowers and butterflies, its fools like the nay sayers that decorate it so, wake up to our problems and see we are not equal, we dont all win the race, we cant all be superheroes, so say what you want but this planet was Ugly and Fake way before Kaka opened his/her mouth. thanks.

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I am willing to go to War over this. Right here. Right now.

Let's say there's me, the person who is on one side of the opinion, and there's TwoDragons on the other.

Now let's use this split down the middle and apply it to the rest of the world's societies -

shall we call that, simply, 50/50?

OK then. We've established that there will always be 50/50 divide in opinions.

Question is, who will be left standing, if we went to War over this?

The realist, me, or the dreamer-emotional-outburster?

Let's go. Now. Outside.

Oh, and by the way - this is Equality - I am not calling you man or woman, doesn't matter - I am calling you out as an EQUAL -

so bring out your weapons, bring out your guns, I'm ready for you.

Cos I am not dreaming. That THING should've been let go.

Less clutter, less waste. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Yeah I should've probably been put down for my dyslexia - which is quite un-noticeable thanks to the computers fixing my spelling mistakes. hahahahahahaha!
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Debates are a wonderful thing for those with an open mind. Take in both sides, realize the strength and weakness of your option and your opponents. A good debate isn't possible if you can't see the opposing view before making your counter acting point.

In end you can get bogged down with silliness’ (and possibly ill used pride?) over a very serious issue. Then no one cares anymore to listen -err, read- and take your points seriously, even if they do hold weight.
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Ohplz - thank you.
mark - thank you.

LuAllen - huh? You lost me. In the very famous words of one gorgeous fashion icon Heidi Klum, "You're either in, or you're out."
What more is there, really?
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Alright, Kaka is a straight up bitch. I don't care I'm blunt that's what you get, get over it. Anyways. First of all this a human being we're talking about not a "Thing". So get it straight, No one here knows what that child could grow up to be, but with people around here screaming at her and calling her a creature sure as hell wont help the situation at all. Just put yourself in someone's shoes like that, even if they're not old enough to fend for themself. Point is how yould YOU like it if someone was always staring at YOU. Calling you names and snickering behind your back. You people seriously kill you with you immaturity. I'm from the U.S and there's a lot of stuff that could be help to this girl. You people don't know anything, so unless you can come out from behind the screen and actually matter, shut it. Cause you have no clue what anyone is going through, especially not her.
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well ppl who think is is just gross is wrong these parents should be proud they at least have a baby imagine if u were deformed or maybe even ur child!!!
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With all the nasty comments about this child, it reminds me of a favourite saying of one great singer name Kamahl in Australia,"WHY ARE PEOPLE SO UNKIND?"
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@ kaka

As your name suggests, so are your comments! Here is a piece of advice for you, wait until you have a deformed baby of your own then you can decide whether to kill it or let it live. You have no right to make a decision regarding other peoples choices. It really is up to the parents of the child to decide. If I could make a decision as a child when born i will definitely not choose you for a parent. People like you are a waste of resource, energy and air. As far as im concerned I rather have a deformed child that will cause no harm to others than a having a normal child that may grow up to become a serial killer. I hope that you will not bring up or are not currently raising that serial killer.
Thanks to all those who helped and supported baby Miracletina with donations, compassion and with prayers.
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I personally feel that every human's life is worthy of an attempt at being saved.

However, it takes money. I think we all agree that there is no free lunch, don't we?

That's my opinion.
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My personal opinion? One should have purposefully given this baby too much morphine, instead of letting HER starve to death. That way, SHE would have died peacefully in HER sleep, and her parents would be free to try again. If they wanted to.
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some of you people gotta be kidding me there is some1 4 everybody & she looks pretty alert 2 me there r a lot worse looking deformities than what she has out there & my god shes just a baby my nephew z deformed & retarded they said he'd never walk the boy runs they said he'd never think or talk he never shuts up they said he wldnt live past 2yrs old he's now 14yrs old all bcuz he was loved by his mother family & friends the best thing that little girls parents did was let her live & just keep loving her love is a powerful thing & it will help beat all odds heresthe sad thing some people have perfectly formed children & their child ends up beaten poisond malnutrian burned abused mentally & sexually some of these children get second chances some of them even the ones who become deformed in the proccess of these twisted action what makes this little girl ne different than them so what some of you r saying if the childs not perfect in every way abort them from socity I think that wld bring our world population down to just about nothing we all have deformities none of us r perfect & if a humanbeing made it as far as birth every1 deserves the chance to thrive & live their life to their fullest whether it be 1mins or 100yrs no has the right to say who should be destroyed from life we let rappist murders & childmolesters live we feed them give them shelter & even provide them cable but deformed children shouldn't get the medical help they need if ne1 sld b aborted from this planet its people like this '
that just about sums up my thoughts on this little baby girl & ne other child not given the chance to just say hey they shldnt b here they dnt look or act like the rest of us so called normal humanbeings gees we treat deformed animals better making tv shows & news articals about them come on people
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i see all the battle going on in here. First of all, i want to say that this child has its right to live, at the same time, it would of been better to just let her go. you see, her parents loved her so much, they dont care how she looks, and other people think its a miracle that she survived, but when she, if she will, start reaching her 10's and up, will have such a hard time in life.
Im sorry to break any hopes out there, but she wont be able to do anything in life. she will be blind, most likely deaf, and mentally challanged. I feel sorry for her and i am gracious that god made me the way i am. Respect.
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Gosh all these stupid comments from KAKA which means SHIt and OHPLZ which means eat Shit in our country!!

You 2 can type alot of bull but in reality the parents wont give a shit what you say! I bet they dont even come on this site. Your life must be so messed up you have to come on and leave nasty comments! So you can keep leaving nasty comments its not going to change the fact that this little one is loved by her family! maybe if your were loved and cared for you wouldnt be on here talking kaka!
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To all:
You know what! you guys are so stupid, how dare you guys says those stuff to her, i bet she's prettier in the inside. What kind a people are you guys! it doesn't matter how she looks! all it matter is that she's alive, and i bet you all, 1000000% that the inside of this little girl is stronger than all of guys are wasted in the world of neverland.
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that poor girl needs love, what happened to her. I just saw the picture and went to the comments . that is sad!she looks like if she survived a car accident. I feel so sorry for her.If it was my child I would take very good care of her.I just got one question, is it a boy or girl?
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that nik that wen post that baby miracle cant be at the surgery because shes too ugly lets say that baby miracle is your baby would you want anybody too post comment about you saying that your babys face is ugly??
I know you dont want that happen so im telling you right now WHO ARE YOU TOO JUDGE?WHO EVA DA PHUK YOU ARE.i BETTAH NOT SEE YOU AROUND. CUS IM GONNA WOOP YOUR BUD.

to baby Miracle
May God bless you with many more year to live.
and you will always be in our prayers!!
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The baby is not ugly. You all who say are ugly.Ridiculous,selfish and unkind terribly people after all. Judge not what you heart is pure that's what concerns should be.
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Alright, so the child is already here. There's not much point in arguing about whether or not the mother should have given birth to her in the first place, but for the love of god please spay the child if there is any chance of that deformity being passed on genetically. Then go back and test the parents to see if it's possible for them to have more unfortunately disabled children. If they're likely to do it again, spay and neuter them. If not, well then they can try again... if they actually want to do that...

I don't know why people complain about homeless children and at the same time think of sterilizing humans as some kind of abomination. If someone is very likely to produce a child with some debilitating defect that will cost the child and everyone else pain, undue suffering, and money, that person shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. It's cruel.

You people are forgetting that because people with debilitating genetic disabilities are allowed to pass those genes on, it has lead to increasing incidents of innocent children being born with horrible diseases. You don't even know if talented disabled people wouldn't be born or if they would just be born in healthy bodies to different people.
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you guys are so damn evil...if god didnt want her to live then she wouldnt be here now would negative people are examples of why this world is soooo damn cruel.I'LL PRAY FOR YOU NEGATIVE PEOPLE.
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The girl is here now, so arguing about whether or not she should have been aborted is rather a moot point. You can't just kill someone because of a deformity. It's murder, no matter what way you look at it. So, if she survives, it's likely she won't have the greatest life. But that doesn't mean she should be denied the chance to actually have that life. No one can predict the future, so you can't guarantee that in ten/twenty years time they won't have come up with some pioneering new medical technique that could help rebuild her face. It's unlikely that she'll ever get on the cover of Vogue, but she still has the right to live.
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PS This argument can be considered slightly bias from a religious point of view - I myself am an athiest, so I don't believe if the girl is killed, there will be some wonderful afterlife waiting for her. She'll just be dead.
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what the fuck man i do not get how people can sit their and talk shit about kids like there some alien or something there human to
but if that was you how would you feel? well put yourself in their shshoes
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fuk all of u who said that dis child is ugly because god made everyone to be the same so stop talking about someone else and talk about your self
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I agree there's no free lunch and to another poster who commented on the mother wanting free aid, a lot of money has already been raised to help this CHILD. If the cat scan results that have just done acording to the articale say she can not be helped the money is to go to helping care for her for the rest of her life. SHe's not an animal to be euthanized because looking at her is inconvienant I know my spelling and tying isn't the best I appologize I'm a bit worked up and typing fast.
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