Replate: Share Your Leftovers with the Homeless

"Replate" is an idea out of San Francisco (where else?) about how people should put their unwanted leftover doggie bag on top of trash cans so the homeless can eat them. - Thanks zwmyers!

Do you think it's a good idea to share with the less fortunate? Or do you think it will just encourage more homeless to come to San Francisco?

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all Chicago alleys have many dumpsters (and they all have lids!)... i thought i was the only one that left food (usally something from my fridge that wasn't bad yet, but that i didn't want)... i just hope that someone finds it before it goes bad (and since much of Chicago's weather is NOT that warm... that works)... just hope the rats don't come runnin' for it first!
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I like the idea of replating leftovers, but I'm concerned that keeping them along with other trash might cause poisoning. I wish there were some separate drop boxes for leftovers next to at least some trash bins (like there are separate recycle bins). I know it will cost a lot to the city, but just a thought.
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@Leon: Just a quick correction: I don't know that I would classify Ronald Reagan as a 'do-gooder,' but it was definitely his presidential policies that forced mentally-ill homeless onto the streets.
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It was the do-gooders that had these bums turned out of the mental hospitals where they could be taken care of.

Now they're living on their own, on the street. Eating out of garbage cans, sleeping in boxes. How humane is that?

How about this, if you're so concerned, why don't you invite a bunch of these stinking nutjobs to move in with you and take care of them.

At least leaving the food out keeps them from digging through a trashcan and contaminating the garbage.
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