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-Taxes aren't terribly difficult. The first time you're doing them, you'll be young and probably won't have a lot of different investments, so you can ease into it. Software to guide you through it can be had for the price of a couple cases of beer or half a week's groceries.

-I thought I knew how to cook when I went off to college, because I'd make a dish or two a few times a year when I was in high school. There were definitely some rough patches as I had to quickly expand my repertoire, and I learned to keep some spaghetti and sauce on hand in case whatever I was actually trying to make turned into a total disaster.
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I was about to second the comment about different knights being distracting, but the Judoon and Sontaran look similar enough that it would be easy to tell at a glance they're the same piece in the game. Then I remembered they've dropped hints Captain Jack and the Face of Boe, the knights on the other side, are actually the same character, which makes it sort of brilliant. I also like the TARDIS as castle/rook since it suggests the shape of the original chess piece. All in all, very well done. Does it say what these are made of? It looks like a polymer clay, like Sculpey, but I may be wrong.
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My understanding is that the color represents the average rating given to the book, i.e. positive reviews vs. negative reviews. How many people read the book would be a separate chart. So Utah ranking sixth means that many people read the book, but the fact that it's light blue means that more than half of them didn't like it.
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If he doesn't get drafted into the NFL, he can apparently still apply for the Rhodes scholarship next year. Even if he misses that, it's not as though someone with his intelligence and work ethic will find the academic world closed to them after this decision. I say play sports while you're young- figure on retiring from that in your late 30's at the latest, earlier if you get injured or decide you don't like it. That still leaves plenty of time for a second career.
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Johnny Cat, I believe you're thinking of Walter Miller's "A Canticle for Leibowitz", where (during a dark age following a nuclear war) a monk finds an engineer's personal effects, including some circuit diagrams, preserved in a bunker. The circuit diagrams are venerated and duplicated in the style of illuminated manuscript.
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