Guitar Amp Circuit Tattoo

Michael Colombo spotted a man on a New York City train wearing this tattoo. He said that it's a schematic for a guitar amplifier circuit. Colombo notes that such tattoos, no matter how they might look now, could be very useful to a post-apocalyptic society that needs to preserve knowledge. If you were to get a tattoo for this purpose, what information would you preserve?


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Johnny Cat, I believe you're thinking of Walter Miller's "A Canticle for Leibowitz", where (during a dark age following a nuclear war) a monk finds an engineer's personal effects, including some circuit diagrams, preserved in a bunker. The circuit diagrams are venerated and duplicated in the style of illuminated manuscript.
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There should be more circuitry tattoos in general. Knowledge is power, and knowledge of electrical concepts is powerful times two. I adore his amp-tat.

Anyone remember a sci-fi short story about a futuristic society that was trying to launch a rocket into space, but as it turns out they had risen from the ashes of a previous Earth who nuked themselves into caves for many years, and none of their knowledge of electricity was preserved. Instead, they were depending on mechanical controls only, and kept having launch failures until one guy figured out the key to electrical control.

I can't recall the title.
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I can't think of more then two or three hundred things that would survive the apocalypse better then human skin.

And of course the first thing I would want after the worlds blown to hell is a guitar amp.
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