Buying Bread

It appears that redditor infeKteDx never paid attention to any grocery shopping his family did. Now he is on his own and is totally overwhelmed by the simple task of purchasing bread. The resulting thread is priceless, with suggestions like calling his mom to find out what bread to buy, plus recommendations for different breads to try. Link

No matter how much you teach a child, there is something that will surprise him when he is on his own. For example, you can teach a teenager to drive safely, but if he never paid attention to how roads are laid out, he'll never find his way home. The first day I was in my college laundry room, I met two girls who had no idea how to wash their clothes because they had never done it. Is there something that you never happened to learn from your family that surprised you when you left home?

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Jessss, I have run into so many people who don't bother to read written directions that I think that itself is something that must be taught to kids. Such a simple habit makes so much difference! Don't know something? Look it up! Ask! It kills me how many people don't think of that, or else refuse to do it.
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I was never taught how to cook, so when I moved out of home I bought a variety of simple cook books and followed the recipes. Over time I learned how to create my own recipes. I still don't get it when my friends who have lived out of home for years say to me that they can't cook. If you can't cook, it just means you're either too lazy or too stupid to follow instructions.
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Protip, make your own bread. Once you try a slice you won't believe that you ever tolerated the chemical laced stale sandpaper you get from the store. It's surprisingly easy to make.
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Just about everything JohnJ said in regards to schooling. When I reminisce about home-ec class in front of my students, they used to look at me strange. I discovered why. Their home-ec class does not teach them how to shop for groceries, how to make a budget for a household, how to take care of a house, or do laundry. But they sure as hell know how to make pigs in a blanket from a package of crescent rolls..
Young adults who work as baggers at the grocery store, who apparently still live at home. Because they do not understand the concept of why you do not put the bread in the bag first. They will only understand this when they begn to do serious grocery shopping for more than just themselves.

I kind of went off and rambled there...but
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