A.I. DJ Gets An On-Air Job in Texas

If you thought the morning zoo crew on your local radio station were about as entertaining as robots, there may be more truth in that then you thought. One station in San Antonio has "hired" an artificially intelligent DJ named "Denise"  to talk to listeners. Is this the end of the traditional radio DJ?
Meet Denise. She is not a real person, but instead, a personal assistant conjured up by Guile 3D Studio. She used to be a AI secretary, starting Aug 24th, she’ll be promoted to AI DJ at KROV in San Antonio. Denise cost a meager $200 when she was “hired” as a personal assistant to answer phone calls, Google things for people, check emails and make appointments. You know, the same kind of things you have your intern do after you’ve bought him for $200. It was radio personality Dominique Garcia‘s idea to promote Denise to DJ.


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I DJ'ed on FM radio for a decade back in the 1980's when we really "spun" tunes. Today a person can go in for about 20 minutes and program a 4 hour show. Satellite radio is nice in that you do not have to keep changing stations on a long trip. However, they should get more creative in their method of song selection.
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Includes the add-on extension for the midnight to 6am shift:
"Wow, you're really brave for staying with your drunken, abusive spouse."
"So you really don't have anybody else in your life to talk to except me?"
"Do you need me to call 911? I'm calling 911."
"No thanks. I'm married. To a cop. Who's a bodybuilder. And has a huge gun collection. That's guarded by our bloodthirsty Pit Bull."

/Did radio in San Antonio for 15 years. This story just shows how cheap station owners are. Feh.
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I'm not sure what a "zoo crew" is but I'm very thankful for my station in Chicago. Somehow the hosts are cheerful even when my alarm clock goes off at 5:15 AM. That station can keep its computerized DJ.
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