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Strange that some ppl say "she talked so much about suicide", when she only answered a couple of questions which were directly asked of her.

Of course, very few people are familiar with the facts of the case, rather they have learned all they know from Main Stream News (some of whom used her services!).

There was an excellent interview with her, from a sex worker perspective, at

I absolutely think that she was "suicided". She must have known something important, and after she had been convicted she was more free to talk... after she was sentenced she was probably very free to talk. One of the things I've heard over and over from the non-msm news is her wondering why they came after her... on the face of it she was not selling prostitution services- indeed all her girls signed contracts agreeing not to break the law on their sessions. I wonder if this relates to the former escort of hers who committed "suicide"?
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To those questioning the value of precious metals... they have traditionally been what currencies are based upon going back far longer than our current worthless bits of paper scheme. YMMV.

As far as stockpiling, it boggles my mind that so many people have less than a weeks worth of food, and virtually no water, in their house. Katrina? Heck we've had snow storms around here that have stranded people for two weeks, and any responsible person living near me is prepared to spend at least a month in their home without assistance. Common sense really, bad things sometimes happen.
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You see this sort of thing all over Oregon. Occasionally they mess up and suddenly you see miles of clear cuts, but mostly they maintain the facade.

What is really sad is that many of these "harvests" are done at a financial loss to the Forest Service after they have built the roads and such to them... so called "deficit logging".

Even worse than that, a lot of the trees end up in foreign mills- sold at a loss to US Taxpayers. Doncha just love the best government money can buy?
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In the past 110 years approximately 230 million people have been killed in mass purges and genocides by their government, including most of the Jews in the world.

In that time span about 65 million have died in war.

And, probably, less than one million have been murdered by a criminal with a firearm.

Its pretty simple to do the math and see where big anti-gun organizations are coming from, wanting to let only the government have guns.

For more mundane self defense, as opposed to defense against genocidal tyrants, please consider that in the vast majority of cases where one defends themselves or their home with a firearm, NO ONE is shot, much less killed. The Brady Campaign's statistics willfully LIE by ignoring this, and supposing that only those criminals who are shot and killed, without the shooter EVER being arrested (like while police sort out what happened) are counted as self defense. In my own case someone tried to beat me to death with a weapon in my own home, I would be dead if I had not had a .22lr training rifle nearby... my assailant didn't care about a life in jail or my pleading, but certainly did not want to be shot. I never even had to point it at them, and according to anti-gun groups I didn't defend myself.
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This makes me a bit nervous. I don't think one can deny the very slight risk it could kill us all. We just don't know how a microscopic black hole or rift would react should one actually be created.
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What are the odds of me dying because my head was smashed in with a hammer in my own home?

I only ask, because that is what would have happened if I hadn't owned a gun. Almost did anyway, but instead no one died that day, no one even got hurt after it was pulled out, just me before that.
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There are quite a few places in the US where codes either do not exist, or else are generally unenforced. I think building codes are great for businesses- and I mean that in two senses.

First, codes historically came about to prevent professional builders from building the shoddy homes and passing them off as well built.

Second, there is quite an industry around code compliance, inspections, insurance, and mortgages (death pledges?). These sectors feed off of the price increases each of the others generate, and we end up with the mass of men never truly owning their own home.

Much better, imho, to let families and friends work together to build their own homes. But then again I cherish my freedoms...
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Amy said "If *nobody* could carry a gun with them, this would not have happened!"

This guy COULDN'T carry a gun with him. That is felony in Illinois, and its a further felony to have a gun on a college campus. Yet, he did. That is the thing, criminals don't care about what the CAN and CAN NOT do... they just break the laws.

Now, if the mad-man knew that there were even 5% of students who legally COULD have guns on campus, by virtue of being trained and licensed, do you really think he would have picked that place for his massacre? Historically only ONE recent mass shooting has occurred where a mere civilian could legally possess a firearm, that one was in a Colorado church, and the gunman was STOPPED by an armed woman who the press later demonized .
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My wife and I had taken care of a half stray cat that had two nearly perfect black hearts on it. It was named "Dos Corazones", Spanish for Two Hearts. Unfortunately it was eventually eaten by half-feral dogs.
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I've seen video of full auto Saiga 12ga shotguns with 20rd drum mags. So, its hard to say this is the first.

As to why the full US Army wouldn't use them, they are not a long range weapon. They would be good for an entry team, or to keep a position from being overrun, but beyond 100 yards or so they would not be a highly effective weapon. They are basically good where spray and pray is a good tactic, which is in close quarters.

BTW, for those criticizing weapons development, without the rifle we would still all be ruled by kings and priests. Learn some history. Seriously, do you think the people of what is now the USA would ever have been able to wage an effective war against England with archers and knights?
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Poison is cruel, it kills slowly and indiscriminately.

These, at least, get what you wanted to mess-with / hurt / kill. But flying animals will become injured, and injured animals die slowly. So its still cruel.

Guns put a hole in what they are used to shoot. So long as the gun owner is responsible, they kill quickly and kill only what was desired. It might not be pretty, but putting down pests is far less cruel than flinging them to their (eventual) deaths.
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He violated the terms of his probations. The judge should send him to prison for a while for that. I don't know the full details of his crime, so I can't say for how long. Often small probation violations only get a weekend in the can, and this seems like a small violation from the story I've heard.

But, I see no reason he should be deprived of the winnings. At least when he gets out he will have some money, should help reduce recidivism. I doubt that there is anything in the lottery rules about being forbidden to play due to probation causing forfeiture of the winnings.
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