How to Get Rid of a Critter Problem.

Do you have a problem with squirrels, chipmunks, or other outdoor critters? If so, there's now a solution - the squirrel catapult. Hit play or go to the [Google Video] to watch this useful, and less cruel than poison or a gun, homemade contraption. via Random Good Stuff.

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This is AWESOME!!!
And all you bed-wetting tree-huggers make me want to vomit. This is what you call "exercising your dominion."
It's a stinkin' rat with a bushy tail people.
Get real...
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I must say, there are some fun comments around here. One of them, however, caught my eye:

# Solo Says:
June 21st, 2007 at 12:29 pm

I hope the squirrel is ok. I think the author should be shot.

Now please, excuse my French, but are you _fucking_ kidding me? You would seriously shoot a human being because he flung a critter across his yard?
You should really re-shuffle your priorities; or maybe you should feed yourself to a crocodile to ease its suffering from food. You know, just a suggestion.
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Poison is cruel, it kills slowly and indiscriminately.

These, at least, get what you wanted to mess-with / hurt / kill. But flying animals will become injured, and injured animals die slowly. So its still cruel.

Guns put a hole in what they are used to shoot. So long as the gun owner is responsible, they kill quickly and kill only what was desired. It might not be pretty, but putting down pests is far less cruel than flinging them to their (eventual) deaths.
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I'm a squirrel and am enjoying your comments here.
A 'rat with a fuzzy tail'- excuse me?
Get a close up look at me- a rat is MUCH cuter.

Anyway, I'll be chewing various holes in your home and pooping all over your attic if you need me?

Think about that, next time you swat a bug or other vermin..
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This is a video of blatant animal cruelty, something I wouldn't expect to see here. As a long time Neato fan I'm really disappointed that you would encourage this kind of behavior. Cruelty towards living creatures is always wrong, period. There are humane ways of dealing with a bothersome animal like humane traps. I'm sure you didn't mean to offend anyone and I'm sure you're a kind person but this was in bad taste. If I see something like this here ago I won't be coming back.
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