How to Get Rid of a Critter Problem.

Do you have a problem with squirrels, chipmunks, or other outdoor critters? If so, there's now a solution - the squirrel catapult. Hit play or go to the [Google Video] to watch this useful, and less cruel than poison or a gun, homemade contraption. via Random Good Stuff.

Has been taken down:(

But I've seen it before and was worried about myself because I had to laugh out loud. It's so wickedly mean that you won't be able not to laugh.
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It's funny at first, yes. But then I think of the squirrel after the fact, trying to forage around for little nuts and berries, missing an eye or limping around on a broken leg, and then it's not really funny anymore.
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Each human has to make a moral judgment about whether it's ethical to kill other animals for food... but I can't see how any sane human would think that it's morally acceptable to injure other animals for amusement.
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I am a long time reader of your blog but it's becoming to be stupid if you insist on putting things that harm other being's in it. Not a fan anymore.
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Maimed animals are doomed to a cruel death. I don't approve of this technique ... I don't find it funny ... and I can't support propagation of this video on Neatorama or other sites.
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Other videos along these lines would be;

Cat + lighter fluid and match = Laugh Riot!

Hit the puppy with the golf club! Har-Har!

Goldfish + Bleach = Bowl of Porridge!

Let's shoot the Parrot with our paint ball guns!

I'm actually disappointed that you allowed this on your site. It's not funny. Perhaps it's time to admit it was a mistake, and pull the rotten thing.
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What is wrong with you people...? Its a great video.
If it was a person being unknowingly slung out into the yard at high speed, I doubt anyone would complain.
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It didn't make me laugh one bit. Just NOT funny. Why can't they have fun just shootng water balloons or something? Neat contraption but not cool what they were doing to the squirrels. just sick really :( Makes me sad.
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I feel ill.

That's crueller than poison because it's done for entertainment. If you really have a squirrel problem, you only need to whack it on the head with a shovel.

But I guess you can't put that to cool music.
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look, i'm not a poor sport, i laughed my ass off at lol ded cats and i love seeing stupid humans getting injured on their own accord, but this isn't in that category. it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth about neatorama to see this on here.
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Ya, this does not seem in the spirit of Neatorama past. I don't visit for my daily dose of cruelty, even of 'less cruelty.'

In response to the poster below, what are you thinking? Of course these same people would be upset to see a human thrown to their death or their harm. I think the law would also be concerned in that case.

I'm with Ted who posts "That’s crueller than poison because it’s done for entertainment. If you really have a squirrel problem, you only need to whack it on the head with a shovel. But I guess you can’t put that to cool music." Shovel-whacking in particular may be a bit difficult, heh, but he made his point.
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I wouldnt be too worried about the squirel. They are pretty resilient creatures. In fact I saw one knocked off a 5 story building and after a second it got up and ran off.
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Hmmm ... I didn't think it was really cruel. It seemed like an easy way to convince squirrels not to come onto your property without seriously hurting or killing them. It was certainly a plus that it was funny.

My mom did something similar, but every time a squirrel or skunk would step on a 4x8 plywood sheet it would trigger a radio to blare (at deafening levels). Within a few months our critter problem was solved.
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I didn't really find it funny. I actually felt sorry for the squirrel.
We have a bird feeder that spins them off, but it's to keep the squirrel out of the bird seed.
It looks like they are purposely luring the squirrel to fling him away for entertainment.
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I don't see how this is less cruel than poison or a gun. Being crippled and starving to death or dying slowly of internal injuries doesn't seem that great to me. Dumbass rednecks.
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I don't agree with this either. It is harm for the sake of harm. I doubt the exent of the person's critter problem, I have a large garden full of squirrels, I don't mind them being there. This person has clearly been luring them into that contraption with bait. If they weren't doing that, the squirrels would probably stay well away from the house.

I think this should be removed. Not funny.
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Squirrels wouldn't stay out of the house because they're fearless - I actually know people who had the misfortune of having a squirrel live in their attic, get their garden furniture torn up by an enterprising squirrel.

The video is kind of cruel - with that I agree. The people in the background were snickering. I doubt that it hurt the squirrel though, they're tough little buggers.
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Cruel and pointless. Squirrels don't deserve being treated like that. After all, destroying there enviornment and running them down with cars is probably as mean as we should be to them.

And I have to agree with everyone else that this SH!T does not belong on Neatorama.
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Attention animal rights reactionary morans!

They are not furry little humans, they are tree dwelling rodents! And quite tasty.

As such, squirrels are designed through millions of years of evolution to withstand what would seem to humans to be extreme falls.

The squirrels are fine!

Now GBTW or go protest something you are actually informed about.

Im off to eat some dead animal.
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if you find this kind of thing funny you may want to get some help, and while neatorama has steadily declined in quality lately, i think this jumps the shark, so to speak...
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Ohh jeez... that vid sure caused a little stirrup there. But think of it that way: You look at it, then you probably laugh. Then You should be asking yourself the following question: WHY did you laugh.

Then take some seconds and think about yourself.

My experience was laughing at first. Because it was so ridiculously unnecessary. Then I felt sorry for the squirrel. Then I felt sorry about me, finding it funny. This is something to think about and that's why it is a good thing it was posted.

Think people think. About yourself and the media...
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"Don’t post stuff like this or you will lose a loyal reader. Period."

Somebody call the wahhhmbulance.

I remember seeing this a while back, and laughing my ass off at it. Squirrels can be quite the nuisance. About 2 weeks ago, one burrowed into the side of my house, and then started depositing nuts in the walls of my home ... which was annoying as all hell. Next day, I sealed the hole up ... I don't think that he was in there ... but thems the breaks.
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I don't find this much less cruel. What goes up must come down, and as fast as that thing throws them, that's gotta hurt. I just started hanging around this site, I thought it was above childish things like this. This is really stupid.
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I'll only find the concept of the squirrel catapult amusing when it's scaled up and tested on all the pondscum masquerading as human beings who find amusement in the cruelty of this video.

Squirrels may just be 'furry rats' to some, but they are living, breathing, conscious organisms, capable of feeling distress and pain the same as any other.

And yes, FYI, I eat meat.
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I've been watching this video and talking with a friend (in the real world, not here). We've both come to agreement that, while this may or may not be cruel in correspondence with local animal cruelty prevention laws, as far as the video goes, we have no idea what happens to the squirrel.

No, we don't know if it's crippled. No, we have no idea if it lost an eye on the landing. No, we really don't have any proof that the squirrel is doing worse off than it was before it moved into position to be slung away from the house. From what I have heard, since I don't live anywhere near squirrels, they're pretty hardy creatures. I would imagine also that, being that squirrels usually live in trees or in places high above the ground that they would have some kind of sense of being able to fall and not get hurt.

I'm not going to say something like, "Grow up, hippy animal-rights-activist-types," but I will say that if you replaced the squirrel with something like a snake or a cockroach, no one would be saying anything.

In fact, I'd say people would be saying good riddance to the snake and cheering for the flying roaches. Anything that doesn't happen to be mammalian or bird-like seems to deserve the scorn of the world, just because we don't see them as being animals. Sure, someone's going to call me on the definition of "animal," but whatever.

It's just a video. Yes, it's real. No, it was not necessary to sling a squirrel off a patio. In the end, it's done. We can't do anything more about it.
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So my previous comment wasn't published. I believe I got a little creative in the description of my angst .... i.e. crossed a rudness barrier(not my barrier but someone's). I'll try to behave.

I have one question for all the ppl complaining about this video/technique/post being mean or cruel or criminal .......

Do you ever see any squirrels actually getting hurt or injured......?


So get off your highhorses of hypocrisy and STFU please.

This is an example of the fun and interesting posts that bring me to Neatorama every day.

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I trust that everyone here posting that this is cruel has been a lifelong vegan, never set a mousetrap in their house and does not own a cat they allow outside.

The hypocrisy of people astounds me.
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My gwad! Neatorama - WTF are you doing putting this kind of horrible stuff up?

Even if it's an animal considered a pest by some people, it's still a living breathing animal. And it deserves respect. Not to be treated like a cheap form of entertainment that can be mauled, maimed and killed for the pleasure of people on the internet.

I'll be rethinking my next visit here vary carefully now. Shame on you Neatorama. That was truly sick.
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This isn't exactly horrible.
As soon as the squirrel notices it's flying, it starts spinning its tail, which helps it balance. It will be sore when it lands, but it will be fine.
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Very uncool. People wanting to dominate animals like this for entertainment or other purposes is why we have endangered animals. I agree with the "Stupid rednecks" comment. You can't seriously find this entertaining...

Yeah, doubt I'll be venturing to this site much anymore.
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Man you people are WAY too easily riled up. I found that video funny as hell, and had to watch it twice cause I was laughing so hard.

Believe me, the squirrell is fine. I've seen them go through far worse. Probably just got one heck of a shocker thats all. They're tough little buggers, it takes a lot to hurt them. I've seen them leap outa trees and drop thirty feet to the ground, land, and keep on running, unharmed. Relax people.

To all you people saying you're going to "leave" Neatorama cause of this, get over yourselves, you're not fooling anyone. You'll be back. :P
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Josh, the act of eating meat (or owning a cat, or killing pests in one's home) is a far cry from torturing animals for recreation. So, you may be astounded at our "hypocrisy," but we are likewise astounded at your specious logic.
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I have no qualms about killing and eating animals.
Treat them well, it's called animal husbandry.
My grumbling starts when animals are hurt for amusement.

The people who did this should get a visit from the cops for animalk cruelty.

If they have aproblem with a squirrel infestation then get a 22 riffle and shoot the little buggers, then eat them.
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I have no doubt that squirrel is fine.

I've seen them fall off of roofs and out of trees, and scamper right back up a tree with no problem. Small critters that leap around from tree to tree are kinda designed to take that sort of impact with the ground.
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Ive said it before and Ill say it again, Neatorama commenter's seem to come out in droves whenever there is something to BITCH AND WHINE about!

btw the video was funny as hell and DEFINITELY more humane that poison (most people with a rodent problem poison the rodents) Oh and the body mass of a squirrel lends itself well to a nice soft landing so STFU ya whiney old ladies!
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um. Let's pause for a minute. Have you thought for a moment about the PEOPLE in the world who are mistreated on a daily basis? the brick-kiln workers in china who are enslaved and not allowed to leave? The innocent children in Iraq or Darfur who are killed daily?

Lighten the freak UP.
If you want to get pissed off, look at the human-rights atrocities in the world and THEN maybe worry about the little squirrel.
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Hey Pagalina, I have a great idea: why don't we ignore all the small problems in the world and only pay attention to the big ones. Sounds great. In fact, why don't we all agree on The Single Biggest Problem in the World, and bring all of our energy to bear on that, because we all know that it's IMPOSSIBLE to be concerned about squirrels and brick-kiln workers at the same time. Can't be done.
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You know what, I take back my previous comments. Chad's eloquence convinced me that animal cruelty IS funny. I don't know where I was coming from before. Kudos, Neatorama, keep the yuks comin'!
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There's a key point some folks seem to be missing here. According to the Neatorama post, this isn't done for entertainment; the post begins, "Do you have a problem with squirrels, chipmunks, or other outdoor critters? If so, there’s now a solution - the squirrel catapult."

In other words, this thing was made to get the damn squirrels off the porch. Squirrels are tenacious, ingenious, near-unstoppable little bastards, who will tear up your house, lawn, wiring, or anything else that they feel a need to tear up for whatever squirrely reason. The entertainment value is a side effect.

And frankly, I seriously doubt that the squirrels are even fazed. I've seen a squirrel take a 70-foot fall out of a tree; on landing, it immediately ran right back up the tree. I suspect the squirrel launcher is, at most, an inconvenience to them.
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good job missing the point.
I just don't think the same level of hysteria should be found in discussions of squirrel-slinging and people killing. Get it?
I love animals, I do I do, and worrying about small things is worthy, I just think you gotta scale the aggression to the situation.
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Less cruel than poison or gun?
hows that then?

Poison or gun would KILL it, this just Injures them.
*WAY more cruel*

Little rodents like that are rather fragile boned, and I'm pretty sure none of them got away without breaking some of them.

Now I want to see a vid of someone going over to these peoples house and breaking all their limbs with a baseball bat. That WOULD made me laugh.

This is not what I expect from this otherwise nice and intelligent bboard... disapointment.
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And before anybody tries the "I saw one fall from a tree and it was ok"-argument,

If it falls, it takes its position to brace for impact (on a soft forrest floor)

Here, its catapulted way faster than it would ever fall, horizontally, towards trees, while rotating like mad. (and way to short a distance to do anything about it)

It's gonna get hurt. It's cruel.

If the guy that thought this one up had another brain, it would be lonely
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sorry animal rights activists :


mmm... I just positionned myself in the 'most likely to become a serial killer' list. Whatever! That was too funny ;-p
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I hardly come here anymore. But I did and saw this.

It's been said, but... Neatorama just isn't what it used to be. Used to be my all-time favorite site. (cool science and genuinely NEAT links) But now, with all the guest bloggers and stupid videos and crap... it's just another site. Sorry.
It's a loss.
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I think if this thing had been invented in the 19th century, nobody would be complaining about it. Now everyone's so thin-skinned about the protecting a lowly creature, they miss the whole point of the experiment in the video. So protective of a species that is giving rabbits a run for the most procreative bunch of dumbasses who can't seem to get the concept of road traffic. Squirrels will survive this video, but can we?

Cue the Arsonist Squirrel

Now cue the Drama Squirrel
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considering the average weight of a female squirrel is 700 grams and a male at 800 grams average AND the have fur (seriously folks their literally covered with the stuff) also alot of the fur on their bodies is concentrated around the tail which serves as a natural parachute that they commonly use to slow their fall if and when the happen to fall out of trees while just being clumsy. consider all these things and you get a small, soft, and lightweight little critter with a very high drag coefficient that wont really fly very far or fast. try this experiment if you don't believe me, drop a squirrel and a bowling ball out of a plane at the same time, see which one hits first...oh wait thats kinda cruel
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I bet a lot of you wouldnt hold the same opinions if a bunch of aquirrels beat you up and stole your wallet, just think about that for a second .....

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I was having a lot of fun on your site until seeing this video. It's sick that anyone would find this even remotely amusing. :(

Not that anyone cares, but I'll be surfing elsewhere.
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Pagalina, if I missed your point, it's only because you don't really make one. Why do you presuppose that because people are objecting to a video showing animal abuse here, that they aren't objecting about other (more significant) abuses elsewhere? This is a video about squirrels, after all -- not brick-kiln workers or children in Darfur -- so doesn't it make sense that people's comments here are about SQUIRRELS?

And as far as "scaling aggression" goes, it seems to me that posting a comment on a blog in response to a post on that blog is an appropriately scaled response.
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Now finally there are some fun to read comments on neatorama. Thank you all for the good laugh!
Except for the few who made sense though, you kind of ruined it (I'm speaking for MadMolecule and Chad)
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This is a video of blatant animal cruelty, something I wouldn't expect to see here. As a long time Neato fan I'm really disappointed that you would encourage this kind of behavior. Cruelty towards living creatures is always wrong, period. There are humane ways of dealing with a bothersome animal like humane traps. I'm sure you didn't mean to offend anyone and I'm sure you're a kind person but this was in bad taste. If I see something like this here ago I won't be coming back.
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I'm a squirrel and am enjoying your comments here.
A 'rat with a fuzzy tail'- excuse me?
Get a close up look at me- a rat is MUCH cuter.

Anyway, I'll be chewing various holes in your home and pooping all over your attic if you need me?

Think about that, next time you swat a bug or other vermin..
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Poison is cruel, it kills slowly and indiscriminately.

These, at least, get what you wanted to mess-with / hurt / kill. But flying animals will become injured, and injured animals die slowly. So its still cruel.

Guns put a hole in what they are used to shoot. So long as the gun owner is responsible, they kill quickly and kill only what was desired. It might not be pretty, but putting down pests is far less cruel than flinging them to their (eventual) deaths.
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I must say, there are some fun comments around here. One of them, however, caught my eye:

# Solo Says:
June 21st, 2007 at 12:29 pm

I hope the squirrel is ok. I think the author should be shot.

Now please, excuse my French, but are you _fucking_ kidding me? You would seriously shoot a human being because he flung a critter across his yard?
You should really re-shuffle your priorities; or maybe you should feed yourself to a crocodile to ease its suffering from food. You know, just a suggestion.
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This is AWESOME!!!
And all you bed-wetting tree-huggers make me want to vomit. This is what you call "exercising your dominion."
It's a stinkin' rat with a bushy tail people.
Get real...
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