Clearcut Forest Screened from the Road

Photo: George Steinmetz

George Steinmetz is one of my favorite new finds on the Net. He specializes in taking aerial photographs while piloting a motorized paraglider.

Check out the photograph above, of a clear-cut forest in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. If you were driving, you'd probably not notice the clearing at all! And that, my friend, is the pictorial definition of a façade.

Link - Thanks Lee!

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Trees are a renewable resource. That means they grow back. Clear cutting is also beneficial to the environment, because if you don’t clear cut or log then the forests will die of bugs and diseases. Then all you have is one giant fire hazard because nature has its own way of getting ride of things, and in the process of burning down the dead it will also probably burn down houses, maybe even towns. Wouldn’t want that would you. Also, trees have a huge effect on the economy and bring in a large amount of money and create a lot of everyday products. Also, slash(limbs and things that don’t go to the mill usually left to burn) is being used to create electricity. Timber burns cleaner and safer than gases and coal, and once again its renewable. So before you bash on logging, do some research.
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While I'll agree that modern logging could be a whole lot worse, I don't see clearcutting in a similar light to a farmer harvesting crops. The terrain depicted in the picture (and I would imagine that a lot of the terrain in regions where logging is a popular industry) is much hillier than your average farm in Iowa. What are the consequences related to soil erosion? I imagine they are much higher than corn or soybean farming in the midwest.
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I worked in forestry for years, and it is indeed a renewable resource. I am surprised that a few comments were correct in identifying the strips as DOT land, thereby only harvestable by permit. This surprise stems from the astounding amount of ignorance about forests and the way that they work and are managed on the environmentalists side of the argument. In college, I did quite a bit of research on the subject as I care deeply about my homestate Oregon forests. In the course of writing numerous reports on environmentalist concerns on the west coast, I found that the VAST majority of environmentalist claims were based on either manufactured propaganda or outright lies. Most environmentalist groups are vindictive organizations that survive on stirring up outrage that will translate into massive charitable and governmental contributions to their own pockets. Many of them are the worst kind of uneducated hypocrites, and their efforts do more to actually harm manageable forest land than to conserve it.
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