CERN’s Large Hadron Collider

“The most complicated thing that humans have ever built” describes the Large Hadron Collider ready to begin operations next month. Built underground, it runs 17 miles across the borders of two countries (Switzerland and France). The world’s largest particle accelerator will smash protons together to create conditions similar to the “Big Bang” and maybe warp the space-time continuum. Statistics on the size and possibilities of the collider’s work, as well as pictures to give you an idea of its size, can be found at Dark Roasted Blend. Link

(image credit: Michael Hoch, CERN)

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I think we must not be daring god.. this is a craazy but interesting thing.. if they want to try some sh... go to another planet go to mars... but here it is the only planet we have.. and we have to take care of it.. we must not detroy it
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The REAL concern is that the "THEORY" of "Hawking radiation" doesnt exist and therefore the black holes that they ADMIT they WILL create about 1 per second will not "decay" as rapidly as calculated and will fall into earths core and combine with everything is encounters eventually destroying earth..and this could take yrs or one knows..these scientist make a theory that doesnt add up and then make another theory to make sense of it all...thus proving theories with other theories..makes absolute no sense right?
In order for there "theory of elements" they THINK exist they have come up with another theory called the "higgs" and w/o all the elements they basically pulled out of there ass could never exist. Now i wont go into further detail you can research it urself but supposedly these elements actually "talk" to eachother.....but light can pass without "talking"
Im serious just look it up on youtube and watch the scientist try to explain this...
But anyways, the black holes that alot of reputable scientist are worried about because of 1 man...and of course the smartest person that has ever lived Einstien...and his theory of relativity (which btw has stood up to all experiments disigned to test it) predicts that the black hole would occur and once somthing like that is started (probably w/o us even knowing at 1st) it is irreversible once its began.
But hey, we use to put groups of Amry Soldiers in the Wave of the Radiation of the 1st Nuke testing....when we know very little about something the human race always seems to do something very retarded!! Havent we learned anything from history?
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I've got an adorable, highly qualified physicist sitting at my feet who assures me that black holes won't be eating the earth anytime soon, and there's a visiting CERN physicist downstairs who agrees with him. The CERN guy stands to lose the security deposit on his flat pretty definitively if he's wrong, so I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt. Still, they like to argue about the absurd possibility from time to time for a hearty guffaw.
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