Eco-Home Built for £4,000

Steve James is serious about the environment. He built his own home near Dumfries, Scotland out of natural and recycled materials for a total cost of about £4,000.
"Actually, you could make it for less than that," James says. "I'd cut the wood myself next time instead of going to the sawmill. That would knock off a thousand." He finds the whole concept of mortgages quite amusing.

The walls are made of straw bales, and the roof is turf with flowers growing on it. It has a rainwater collection system, a composting toilet, and a woodburning stove. With the help of friends, he built it in about ten months. Now he’s helping other people learn about alternative building methods. Link to story. Link to James’ website. -via Metafilter

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check out the Stove

the wood I burn is all already felled and left to rot by the forestry. plenty of it.

check out the hovel

It is only one way. Don't diss mine. Build your own!

Steve James
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these kind of houses will be everywhere in the next 50 years. we need to return to the land, she is our mother.the society as we know it will and is already collapsing! it is time to awaken and we are all doing so ongoingly and as one. each one of us is a child of the universe and we all have a right to be here. the moto "live and let live" has to be actualised, by allowing ourselves other spcies , animals and making way for our grandchildren of the future time.

peace and love to all.
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Wood, if cut from sustainable sources and burnt correctly, is far more "eco-friendly" than electric heat, which is notoriously inefficient (particularly if the electricity comes from a coal-fired plant, which it probably would). And I don't know much about Dumfries, Scotland, but there's a good chance they don't get enough sun to make solar heat viable.

There's nothing inherently "wrong" with cutting down trees, just as there's nothing "wrong" with harvesting other crops. It just has to be done as part of a proper, sustainable management program.
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chaymation's right, but particulates in wood smoke do contribute to poor air quality. Wood stoves have gotten much better in the past twenty years. In particular, stoves equipped with catalytic converters release very "clean" smoke: the smoke itself burns, releasing even more heat in the process.
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