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You know, that seems like such a silly and strange thing to have an entire museum for, but I bet it's quite interesting nevertheless. It's sort of cool how -fascinating- a subject can be when it's presented by someone who really cares about it. I attended a 'rice exhibit' at a museum this summer and was actually surprised at how genuinely interesting it was - from the low-fi but highly clever techniques folks have come up with to successfully cultivate and process it, to the cultural significance it's borne in so many societies - there was a whole heck of a lot on the subject that was interesting to a degree I certainly hadn't expected.

Everything is secretly amazing; how marvelous is -that-? =)
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This doesn't pertain directly to the "internet expert" idea, but darn it, I have to share anyway: a friend of mine who teaches an undergraduate public speaking course had a student deliver a speech on Kim Jong Il last semester, but this fellow apparently misread his notes throughout the entire speech such that instead he spoke about "Kim Jong the Second" ... curse you, san-serif fonts!

(Well, -I- thought it was funny =P)
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Those folks who are reacting as though this is serious ... uh, you did click the link, and see the sign warning us all against the brontosaurus, right? It has an extra brain in its butt, don'tcha know!
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(My gosh, I had no IDEA that Rodney Dangerfield was dead! I was never a huge fan but still that makes me sad, he seemed like one of those institutions who should have been around forever ... ) Must say I love the whole "what did YOU do by that age?" style of this post, btw, for some reason it doesn't make me feel at wholly inadequate as maybe it should. Actually it reminded me of a site I'd stumbled across ages ago where you could enter your age to find out what other people had accomplished by your age - egads, by Alexander the Great's schedule I should have conquered most of the known world by now!
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Oy vey, 'Perspiration' soda makes their Thanksgiving brussels sprout one seem positively delightful by comparison. At least they don't have 'Jock Strap,' I suppose ...
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Wow, how utterly freaky - I JUST got home from watching Brazil with some folks. What a good movie! You could very much tell who'd seen it before and who hadn't by the vaguely unsettled silence with which the first-timers reacted by the time the credits rolled, heh.

Anyway - what an interesting list, thanks for posting it! I look forward to checking out some of the other movies on it ...
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Aw, that's pretty darned neat - I wish they had other versions, too, I'd LOVE a Chicago L or London Underground one of those (and poking around that site some more, man, did you see the Peanuts scarves? I wish I had $28 to blow on a scarf, that Linus one would be MINE, oh yes ...)
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Wow, I'd never known such a ritual existed, I -love- that. The obvious collaboration throughout was great - and the handshake at the end truly MADE the whole thing for me, I actually got goosebumps from that. How glorious to have a ritual that riles up patriotic fervor yet STILL (and far more importantly imo) demonstrates respect for the other guy at the same time.
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I find it odd how calmly he reacts when the cop first apprehends him, I'd have expected someone to be so stressed out that they'd jump six feet in the air when touched unexpectedly in a situation like that. I wonder what his mental state was like through all of that? I'm not at all suggesting that "oh, he was clearly on drugs," just wondering if maybe he was -so- mentally freaked by what he was doing that much of his brain just, I dunno, shut off or something? Maybe that might explain how he could have -looked- directly at the cop earlier on in the clip and yet still gone through with his attempt?
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You know who else has a birthday today? Samuel Johnson! Mister 'A Dictionary of the English Language' himself - it is indeed a doubly-momentous day for language and communication!

As to the smileys, it's interesting to think about how different online communication would be today without them. I wonder what shorthand might have popped up to indicate, "Please don't shoot me in the face, that was supposed to be a joke" if it weren't for smileys? Somehow "j/k" just isn't nearly as enjoyable ...

(I must take issue, though, with the "newer" smileys thrust upon us by IM progams - the first time I used a smiley in AIM 6.0 and all those giant transparent happy faces suddenly cascaded across my screen it startled the bejeezus out of me - simple and unsurprising is GOOD imo when it comes to smileys =P
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*laugh* I REALLY wish I'd taken that second-to-last one to heart; after looking at the phrases it was warning against - and despite already knowing the horror of what most of them meant - I still just 'had' to google that angry dragon one ... oy vey.
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