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I love how, after describing in loving detail how much firepower this thing will withstand, Troy takes great pains to claim he's selling this thing "for costume purposes only" ... and THEN answers one of those 'questions from other members' saying he hopes the suit doesn't end up being bought by "an oppressive country."

Nothing worse than the thought of that 'costume' in the hands of the enemy - what if they come out victorious in next year's UN Halloween Bash?
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Linkage correctage is in effect! My Viking name is Stinunn Cowcatcher: 'People tend to treat you like a doormat, generally because they know they can get away with it. Other Vikings would be calling you "tree-hugging hippie peacenik" if the phrase had been invented.' Uhh ... hmm. Maybe I'd be happier had the link remained broken ...

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Ohhhh ... puppies, yay =) So insanely cute!! A puppy, AND a computer - add a big heaping bowl of ice cream and you will indeed have the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything ...

Thanks for posting that, it made my day =)
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Is anybody else kind of disturbed that nobody seems particularly concerned that they -killed- this creature in their attempt to catch it? The phrase "died while it was being caught" seems to be rather grossly avoiding responsibility ...
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I believe the Dell laptops (and IBM, and Apple, etc etc etc) with the exploding battery problems were all supplied with Sony batteries, though. Poor ol' Sony, just hasn't been having a smash-up year I guess.

And I agree with Starstonight, the guys cheering on the exploding batteries rock =) What fun it would be, to get to take part in stuff like that!
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Heh, funny, that's actually (at least) the second musical to be birthed of the whole Enron debacle - a few weeks after getting laid off when dear ol' Andersen went under, my colleagues and I attended an entertaining play called "Damn Anderson" (the title song of which was sung to the tune 'Man on the Run') out in Chicago ... Who knew gross corporate corruption and ineptitude could be so culturally inspirational? =P
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Ohhh, that was so cute, what a good doogie. And I have a confession to make: that video left me -utterly- touched and all choked up.

I am cornball, hear me sniffle!
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Cool! Lord help me, I just love me some glow-in-the-dark stuff. Though for folks who'd like a glow-in-the-dark beverage they can drink, you can get a similar effect from tonic water with a sufficiently high amount of quinine in it (quinine will flouresce under blacklight) ... I'd imagine a glowing gin-and-tonic is far more palatable to the average Joe than a glowing gin-and-highlighter-water ...
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