Update: Soldier's Suit for Sale on eBay

A few weeks ago, Neatorama reported on Troy Hurtubise's full body armor, dubbed "The Trojan". Now Troy has decided to sell his combat ready suit and shield, with resale rights, on eBay to the highest bidder. Bidding ends Valentine's Day around midnight (current bid is $22,100). link [eBay]

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I love how, after describing in loving detail how much firepower this thing will withstand, Troy takes great pains to claim he's selling this thing "for costume purposes only" ... and THEN answers one of those 'questions from other members' saying he hopes the suit doesn't end up being bought by "an oppressive country."

Nothing worse than the thought of that 'costume' in the hands of the enemy - what if they come out victorious in next year's UN Halloween Bash?
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Good point Powell, but the .45 is still a tried and true design and not much improvement can be made to it, beyond use of titanium.

I assume Troy wasted all of his bear suit riches for this suit and can't afford anything more high tech than teh .45 for a photo op.
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So this if this is a super-dooper armor suit for the soldier of the future...why then has the person in the picture decided to hold a .45 pistol, the design was developed in 1911. :-/
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Aramax and Anita -- The reserve hasn't been met. I think he may have thought it would have made it much higher in bids than it actually ended up. He may have been expecting some sort of large defense company to buy it out, possibly even the US or Canadian government.
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Aramax - you're probably right. Somebody doesn't spend $125,000 developing something to sell it on eBay for $25K without a reason. Still, if I had a gazillion $ or the suit was $200 instead, I'd bid.
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