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Ha, thanks for posting that, I'd never seen that comic before and it really -is- funny! The drawing style disturbs me a bit (the people are kinda alarming looking!) but I suppose it's meant to ... regardless, lots of funny stuff there - I've not gone through the entire archive yet but this one is my favorite thus far =)
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@ Aeris: I think it was the obviousness that made me laugh, I'm not usually a "so stupid it's funny" type but for whatever reason, "I think I'll name him Tall Pony" tickled me in much the same way that "Mister Splashy Pants" from that whale naming contest did =) Your idea of someone dressed up like a carrot likewise just made me giggle ... apparently "sophisticated" isn't exactly an apt term for my sense of humor =P

(and Ali S., thank you, I'm glad there were other folks who immediately lept to the LOTR connection when reading this post, too ...)
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@Jason E. - it's cool that you're interested in word usage; to expand upon that, if you haven't done so already you might find it interesting to browse the OED for its etymology, or look into linguistic commentary on 'prescriptivism vs. descriptivism,' or heck, read the preface Samuel Johnson wrote for his Dictionary of the English Language (lord help me, I LOVE Samuel Johnson). Sure, there's a lot to be said for standardization but it's also exciting to realize how very -fluid- language is and has always been, and how illusory the idea of "absolute, fixed, immutable" word usage actually is. I say this as someone with strong prescriptivist yearnings myself (because it IS so much fun, darn it) ... but do look into it if you haven't before, it truly is a neat viewpoint to consider ...
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Sometimes I wish there were a way to 'favorite' comments here - Vako, you made me laugh out loud =)

And Aeris, why would you want to rid your partner of such a charmingly amusing phobia? Cultivate it for fun and entertainment! Dress him up like a bag of oats and send him out amongst the horsies ...
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I'm with Paul on this one, for a long time I found public buses distinctly intimidating. They're on a schedule, and there's always people waiting in line behind you, so obviously the pressure is on you to know what the heck you're doing when you get on rather than futzing around trying to figure out where your change or cash or card goes, and whether you need to wait for (and/or keep) that little ticket it spits out after that, and how you're supposed to know what stop they're at and how many more until yours and whether or not you should pull that little cord or just assume the bus driver is gonna stop and what if you've gotten on the wrong bus anyway and get whisked off to parts unknown and are never seen again and, and, and ...

Yeah. I'll take them now when I'm feeling adventurous, but buses ARE kinda scary!
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@Alex: From what I remember as a psych undergrad (aaaages ago), the terms 'psychopath' and 'sociopath' are often used fairly interchangeably. Actually, looking at the Wikipedia article on it, they point out that that's even the case in the DSM-IV (where they're both viewed as a type of Antisocial Personality Disorder), although it also says that some professionals view psychopathy as more likely hereditary, while the sociopath is more likely 'made' through environmental factors. Digging around a little more, this wisegeek article claims that sociopaths are less organized, less rational, and less able to 'blend in' with society than are psychopaths ...

It's kind of interesting to look for info on the difference between the two, I'd not realized before how inconsistent and indistinct that difference actually was!
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Nice discovery. I've been reading Lackadaisy for a while now and really like it - the sorta anime-ish drawing style bugged me at first but after the first few comics I started really noticing how much -expression- Tracy Butler puts into her drawings, and how much she's doing in terms of character development, and I really like that a lot. Plus, the story is interesting and often pretty danged funny!

If you haven't done so already, do check out her Gallery, there are a lot of fun drawings and comics there (the Mordecai / Viktor ones are my favorite - this one in particular =)
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I -love- MTTS! One of the best lesser-known (hmm, I -think- it's lesser-known?) webcomics out there. For a while there I had a rotating series of those comics I used for my laptop's wallpaper, they -always- got a laugh out of anybody who happened to be peering over my shoulder.
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"a computer-animated 3-D movie is in the works"

Oh, yuck. I am so ridiculously depressed that Hollywood is inflicting upon us yet ANOTHER CGI 3-D movie, especially another one based on what was originally 2-D animation (well, okay, originally a comic adapted for 2-D animation). I realize it isn't always the medium that's to blame but lord, the days when CGI stuff looked "neat" seem so far gone. These days so much of it just looks uncanny and disturbing at best, very much lacking in character or 'heart.' I also realize that HB wasn't exactly a shining example of the amazing stuff one could do with 2-D but good -lord- do I miss 2-D animated movies (as well special effects done with muppets or stop-motion rather than computers, and the like)!

On a completely unrelated note, what was Smurfette called in the original? If the Smurfs were 'Schtroumpfs,' was she 'Schtroumpfette'?
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