How To Get On The Bus

Stagecoach, one of the largest bus operator in the UK, wanted to encourage people to ride the bus. But first, they have to educate the people on exactly how to get on a bus - by publishing a step-by-step manual!

According to Stagecoach, which has created the step-by-step manual, a large proportion of Britain’s population are now so used to travelling by car that they have become scared of buses.

In order to encourage use of public transport, the firm has come up with the “Using the Bus” guide which sets out the most basic information possible.

The guide begins reassuringly with: “Using the bus could not be easier.”

It goes on to warn that passengers should “first of all decide on what bus you need” and once the right bus has been spotted, with the “number and destination on the front”, one should then “signal for the driver to stop.”

The guide continues: “Wait until the bus is stopped and the doors are fully opened and step on board.”

In case you're wondering, there's a section on how to get off the bus, too! Link

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The General public is not afraid of taking buses in Canada. Old people are afraid of everything they haven't done in a fortnight (Is that the right British expression?) Why Diss something that could help your grandmother/grandfather? I guess they don't do the Interweb so good. Last time I live in the UK, the privatised train system was killing people left, right and center. I hear that has changed for the better. I don't know anything about this step-by-step campaign, but I do know this!: It doesn't hurt. Remember that school-yard bully? yeah, It's the author of this story.
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@johzephine -

Thanks for posting the link -- I hadn't heard the story.

"Maltby -- who lives on state benefits and got engaged in November -- said her choice of lifestyle might seem unusual but was harmless."

Now there's a shocker. She's on the dole. Your tax dollars... er, pounds sterling, hard at work. Living in the welfare state is sweet, huh?
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