Digger is One HUGE Horse!

Digger, a 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) tall Clydesdale, is one big horse. - the biggest in Britain, in fact (and he's still growing!):

Eileen Gillen, farm manager, said: "He is the largest horse we have ever had. He is the equivalent of a growing teenage boy --never out of the fridge. Heaven knows what size he is going to end up."

With his head up Digger measures close to 9ft. Horses are traditionally measured in four-inch "hands" from the ground to the withers, which is the highest point of the spine before it becomes the animal's neck.

Digger is now neck and neck with Cracker, a shire horse in Lincolnshire measured at 19 hands and two inches in 2005.


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@Ashley - Thanks for explaining the origin of Clydesdales to me, which I hadn't known before. What is the breeding relationship between Clydesdales and Shires?

My grandmother was always quite proud of her own maternal grandfather, who had driven a six-hitch of Clydesdales as a brewery teamster in Boston for thirty year at the end of the 19th century. Any man who could handle six of those, day in and day out, through clattering city streets in all kinds of weather, must have both stamina and ferocious will.
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@ Aeris: I think it was the obviousness that made me laugh, I'm not usually a "so stupid it's funny" type but for whatever reason, "I think I'll name him Tall Pony" tickled me in much the same way that "Mister Splashy Pants" from that whale naming contest did =) Your idea of someone dressed up like a carrot likewise just made me giggle ... apparently "sophisticated" isn't exactly an apt term for my sense of humor =P

(and Ali S., thank you, I'm glad there were other folks who immediately lept to the LOTR connection when reading this post, too ...)
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Shire horses? I must be reading too much (just restarted reading Lord of the Rings) because I have a sudden vision of Hobbits and Digger on an adventure.
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stacy: because if he keeps his morbid fear of horses, he will never end up buying me one . or accompany me on some trips... also, when it comes to dressing up, i'd have to dress him up like a giant carrot, he's too tall and skinny for a bag of anything. :D

when it comes to comments though, Vako's "joke" too obvious to still be funny... but props to him for having the balls to actually say it :D
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Haha! I like Stacyj's idea of dressing him up and sending him out.

Aeris, we have warmbloods as a generic breed, hotbloods like Arabians and Thoroughbreds, drafts (probably your cold bloods), and ponies (shorter breeds). What are Iberians?
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