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Aww, I love creative marriage proposals =) And talk about a GOOD one - if someone got one of my favorite authors to sketch me a picture and write something to me, I think I'd marry them whether I'd even met them before or not ... Good for those two!
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Argh, I love XKCD, I've got a few of those comics printed out at my desk ... good for Randall for living the dream of the ballpit! Maybe next he'll meet a nice MC Hammer sliding girl =)
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Hee, I'm so glad to read all these comments and know I'm not the only who got all verklempt over that ... it's so very -wonderful- to see people in love =) Thanks for posting it, it truly made my day!
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I tried their Brussels sprout soda about 2 years back and it was -distressingly- accurate ... come to think of it I still have a bottle of stuffing soda from the same holiday pack that I’ve never been able to bring myself to try ... having said that, though, that Xmas Tree soda sounds pretty darned good, gonna have to keep an eye out for that!
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I saw the title, I saw the still of that guy - and my immediate reaction was to think that HE was going to be the one kissing the pandas. Pandas kissing each other are adorable; some random guy going round kissing pandas is TEH AWESOME ...
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I'm liking this a lot, how very hypnotic it is =) Quite interesting, too, to see the scope of different topics being edited over the course of a few minutes. Gonna have to remember this site the next time something happens that would likely prompt a bunch of people from many locations to edit the same article at once (right now I'm wishing I'd known about this site - if it had existed - when Stephen Colbert did his little bit about editing Wikipedia to triple the elephant population) ...
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I'd like my last meal to be A HUMAN SOUL - mwahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!

Also this tasty chocolate pie my mom sometimes makes. And maybe a Spitfire ale.

Thank you.
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I think I'd give it a try - I was skeptical about the deep-fried oreos and peanut butter cups at the local state fair last weekend and they turned out to be distressingly delicious ... maybe split it into 4s and share it with 3 friends, and then promise to eat only spinach and bran muffins for the rest of the month?

It'd be worth it, I bet ...
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I've seen a lot of write-ups before on people who go all out for Christmas (and I LOVE those in their own right), but wow, this is the first time I've heard of someone doing something like this for Halloween. That comment from that old woman reliving the wonder of childhood in particular got to me =) Good for Ric Griffith, I hope he continues this tradition for a long time to come!
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