Trivia: Mary Shelley and Frankenstein

What did you do when you were 19? Mary Shelley had written Frankenstein by that age.

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14 years later she released a highly revised edition that makes the doctor far more benevolent, and removes any indication of incest between him and his sister. This is a much more popular edition.

The story from the movies is markedly different from the original, and from the revision.

I find it worth noting that both Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula came from the same experience: Lord Byron's attempt to entertain his guests during the cold, dreary, positively wintery summer of 1816 (the year with no summer).

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(My gosh, I had no IDEA that Rodney Dangerfield was dead! I was never a huge fan but still that makes me sad, he seemed like one of those institutions who should have been around forever ... ) Must say I love the whole "what did YOU do by that age?" style of this post, btw, for some reason it doesn't make me feel at wholly inadequate as maybe it should. Actually it reminded me of a site I'd stumbled across ages ago where you could enter your age to find out what other people had accomplished by your age - egads, by Alexander the Great's schedule I should have conquered most of the known world by now!
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...or Rodney Dangerfield who didn't get famous until he was 47.

By the way, he's been dead for three years today. Can you believe it's been that long?
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