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The world is a very dangerous place. Here’s a collection of safety posters warning you about the dangers of various animals. -via the Presurfer

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Indeed, we must Beware the Wily Brontosaurous.

Honestly, though, the monkey one is my favorite. There's just something about the expression on that monkey's face cojoined with the caption "Monkey See. Monkey kill" that cracks me up.
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Those folks who are reacting as though this is serious ... uh, you did click the link, and see the sign warning us all against the brontosaurus, right? It has an extra brain in its butt, don'tcha know!
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Cars. Contaminated products. Household items. Pollution.

This is absolutely ridiculous- in a day and age where we're wiping out various species and continually destroying natural habitats at breakneck speed, you're more likely off dying from heart attack (one of the leading causes of death). I laugh at the one who stops midway when they've spotted a squirrel (definitely rabid!) while crossing a street and gets run over by a car. Pansy.
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