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Interesting articles B*B. Read both. Second one is the worse though, basically repeating that "she'll be ready" without nary an idea of for what or where or how much, just that she's got the "guts" --and sprinkled with some side swipes at bookish intellectuals, as if the existence of these types of personalities actually impress any bearing on Palin's ability to assume (if necesary) the leadership of the free world which ought to be the topic at hand. The author of said article does note his own triteness, I'll give him that much.
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Picking a veep is the first big tangible decision for a prez hopeful (where one doesn't simply throw out ideas/proposals/plans) and McCain totally blew it with Palin.
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Censorship is erasing valid speech which disagrees with your own. Deleting trollisms is just taking out the trash. Mixing valid speech with trolling remarks makes this distinction harder, but I'd rather you delete until the comment can be resubmitted without the taint. Is that too much to ask?
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Tibet = money & international fame, a slap on the wrist when caught & the backing of the US gov't

Native causes = no money, too much guilt & no easy solution in sight with absolutely no support from the colonial gov't

Such tough choices for the career activist ...
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Remember your college intro to cultural linguistics class where you probably read that the first years of a person's life is the most important for mental development. A person born of "good" blood requires just as much good parenting to ultimately become a productive member of society. Having good genes is an advantage but not a guarantee of success, apropo having bad genes is not a guarantee of failure.
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The bonding issue is not the part that's weird, there've been wet nurses for centuries who breast feed for a living. It's the "hey, maybe it's a good idea if I should stick both my wrinkly dried out boobs in my grandchild's mouth without permission" that's so very very odd. No wonder she doesn't want to talk about it no more.
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Overt racism, dead & gone --killed by the civil rights movement and buried by political correctness. Casual racism, alive and regaining lost ground; evolving.
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