Arrested in China

American artist James Powderly of Graffiti Research Lab went to Beijing during the Olympics last month to stage a demonstration about Tibet. He was arrested by Chinese authorities and sent to a local jail. In this ABC World News Webcast video, he talks about his experience. Link to Powderly segment.
to full webcast.

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"All you activists out there: Get some RELIABLE information before you go making asses of yourselves protesting something you know nothing about. It’s right to be skeptical about Chinese propaganda, but you must also question the propaganda handed to you by the CIA-backed Dalai Lama."

Good advice about questioning motives, but I think the cia link is stale news.
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Apologists for Communist China...what a shock. Chances are you wouldn't even be reading Neatorama after the censors got their hands on it.

Ask the 30,000 farmers who's lives are ruined because the government redirected all their water into Beijing for the Olympics. Do a little research on slave labour in China before you start touting the 'good it's done'.
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"Arrested in China"

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