Grandma Tried to Breastfeed Baby

Imagine giving your baby to your mother-in-law to hold and moments later finding out that she's trying to breastfeed your baby! That's what happened to a friend of babysugar of lilsugar blog:

The granny had one boob out and was attempting to nurse her grandson. She chuckled and said, "Oh that one's not working. Let's try this one!" before switching the infant to the other breast where he suckled her nipple. [...]

When my friends told the grandfather (husband to the nursing grandma) about his wife's actions, he shrugged it off at first. But then confronted his wife saying, "Honey, did you really try to breastfeed the Bambino?" Abashedly she replied, "I'm not going to talk about it anymore! All I will say is that it was a good bonding experience for both of us!"

Link - Thanks Heather Maddan!

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There are wide cultural differences in matters of breastfeeding. Practices also vary from family to family too. I have had personal inter-generational experience of having been breastfed though only for a few days when my mother was hospitalised in connection with the birth of my brother for an extended period. I was breastfe by my grandaunt and the wife of a cousin brother. As I was over three years then, and needed breastfeeding more for comfort as I missed my mother, I have vivid memories of that occasion. It was not a big deal in the family as cross-nursing and extended nursing were quite common.
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Well, this kid certainly wasn't an orphan in Africa with a lack of clean water for mixing formula. Nor was it stated that he was screaming his head off when the MIL tried this. Yes, other people around the world may have different culture standards by which this action was acceptable. Here in the States, we do not share that. Neither is our culture standard about breast feeding being reserved for the mother and infant wrong or right, it just is. Same with every culture standard across the world.

The simple fact is, the MIL violated the western culture standard that implies breast feeding is reserved for mother and infant and neither did she seek permission to attempt this "bonding". This woman seems like she might have issues with her daughter-in-law, perhaps jealousy that the new mother is receiving attention and also forming a bond with her child, and maybe a bit of a problem with this new birth signaling her youth is gone.

Frankly, if my MIL crossed the line like this I would be very angry. Even if my own mother tried it, I would be angry. And further more, this mother has the right to be angry. Just because someone else somewhere else in the world has a cultural acceptance of just anyone breast feeding a child, doesn't mean this mother has to accept what her MIL tried to do.

.....also, anyone else here think of the 'Little Britain' sketch with the grown guy whose mother and grandmother still breast feed him anytime he demands bitty?
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