Who Will Be the Next US President?

All right, it's time to let out some political steam here on Neatorama. I know that we haven't posted a lot of political stuff (it's not what the blog is all about, anyhow) but based on the comments these past few days it's clear that there's a lot of interest in the upcoming US Presidential Election.

Now, for those who don't find politics neat, just skip this post - there are some 16,000 neat posts waiting for you on Neatorama (have you tried the random button feature?)

For the rest of you, this is the one post that you can really have at it: who's your man in the race? Who will be the next President of the United States of America ... and why?


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Obama supporters are such hypocrits.

Palin in not experienced enough, yet Obama is?

Obama is a smart Ivy-leaguer, yet it was the same type of people running the institutions going bankrupt?

Obama brings change, yet you'll never get to question his changes because you'll be called a racist.

Obama is different, yet if he dies he chooses someone exactly like McCain to replace him?

You trust Obama, yet he's had to distance himself from everyone he ever knew in order to stay in the race?
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Barack Obama – because he is the least suited to the task and America has decided that choosing the most incompotent leaders is the course of action to take after the 8 years of awesome that was Reagan.
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I'm voting McCain because I think its important to show the commie fags that there will be no tolerance for radical progressive thought that might ameliorate flaws in the present system. Of course, I could accomplish (nearly) the same thing by voting obama, but I know that a republican will dish out the injustice and intolerance I so desperately want. Dems are always kinda wishy-washy on that.
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