Who Will Be the Next US President?

All right, it's time to let out some political steam here on Neatorama. I know that we haven't posted a lot of political stuff (it's not what the blog is all about, anyhow) but based on the comments these past few days it's clear that there's a lot of interest in the upcoming US Presidential Election.

Now, for those who don't find politics neat, just skip this post - there are some 16,000 neat posts waiting for you on Neatorama (have you tried the random button feature?)

For the rest of you, this is the one post that you can really have at it: who's your man in the race? Who will be the next President of the United States of America ... and why?


Groan, I can see the whine fest starting already. Though it's a bit of a tight race now as per the polls, in the end I believe the American public will tire of McCain and his party. After 8 years, there definitely needs to be some change.
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BO is just another politician... so was JK... AG is better now than he was in 2000... but that's probably why he isn't running.. he is now too smart for "public service".

I'm not going to argue over the lesser of two evils... 100+ years have shown that power begets power and that's all our one party system cares about.

I'm soooo tired of all the BO people getting excited about him... he's no better than JM... they're all just blowing in the political wind... they all want more power anywhere they can find it... bailouts.. wars.. new health care bureaucracy... tax cuts for the wealthy... oversight of all business... 2000 mile fences... 100 years of war... more more more more... that's what politicians want... more... just like any institution.. everything is secondary to the proliferation and longevity of the institution itself... the D's and R's are just cogs in the machine. They don't need your help... vote third party or don't vote at all.
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I've been keeping out it until just recently to avoid the political hoopla (an impossible feat). I'm leaning towards McCain but that changes every other minute. I really don't like Palin and it's terrifying to think of her as President of the Senate (in a congress that expects to be nearly 50-50 red and blue) and even more so as President of the US. You notice she hasn't had more than one press interview since selected as VP?? Even the Republican party doesn't seem to trust her on her own... It's because of things like that that I do occasionally look more favorably on Obama even though many of his goals are quite outlandish (and long term. Most of his ideas require faith that the following president would continue these plans when he/she takes over the office) but at least he'll state what his plans are and Biden is an experienced go-to man who has good standing with foreign politics and (more importantly) with reporters. A good face to the press will be crucial for either winner.

....I just flipflopped again didn't I? to be honest I had been pulling for Kucinich
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BTW, I voted JM in this poll after I looked to see who was behind.. it's really 50/50 between these losers at this point and 100/0 against freedom/common sense/america/me.
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I don't have a huge problem with JM - at least I didn't 3 years ago. a few years back JM had some good ideas and was a reasonable guy. but add in all the changes he's made recently and Palin (uuuuugh scarier by the day) and I'm 100% against him.

Obama was my first choice in the primaries. I don't know that he'll be as incredible as we're all hoping, but I think the movement and the excitement he's building up around him had some real possibility for positive change.

so I'm rooting for Obama, I think he'll win but either way I am moving out of the US in a year or so.
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Can’t seem to login, but what the HELL? Who let all the zealots of of the loony bin today? A simple story about a presidential election turned into a pointless religious blathering in just 10 posts? Good going, nutjobs. Keep your senseless jabbering to yourselves, please.
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I will be voting for Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente of the Green Party. After living in Washington, DC, I stopped voting for Republicratic party. Could you amend the poll to include third party candidates?
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BO for prez because the Palin pick was way too stupid. It was an obvious and desperate reach for Hillary voters, which worked to some extent, but she is so inexperienced! Like every election this is going to turn out to be the lesser of two evils. Ultimately, I believe in socialized medicine way too much to want to vote for JM. Furthermore, I hate politicians that are more concerned with gays and abortion then the economy of this country and other REAL domestic issues.
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As a Brit, the results of this poll have restored my faith in America a little. I know Neatorama's readership is not exactly representative of the American electorate (I'm a regular for a start) but it still gives me hope. Not that it's got anything to do with me of course. :)
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The setting of this poll is completely biased. The readers of Neatorama (as a general statement) are well-informed, compassionate and intelligent. Of course Obama's going to win amongst their kind.
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Picking a veep is the first big tangible decision for a prez hopeful (where one doesn't simply throw out ideas/proposals/plans) and McCain totally blew it with Palin.
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Interesting articles B*B. Read both. Second one is the worse though, basically repeating that "she'll be ready" without nary an idea of for what or where or how much, just that she's got the "guts" --and sprinkled with some side swipes at bookish intellectuals, as if the existence of these types of personalities actually impress any bearing on Palin's ability to assume (if necesary) the leadership of the free world which ought to be the topic at hand. The author of said article does note his own triteness, I'll give him that much.
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"As a Brit, the results of this poll have restored my faith in America a little."
As an american, I get really sick of hearing these kinds of sentiments...
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John McCain will become the next President of the United States of America because American citizens are aware that he loves liberty and his country enough to put his life on the line for all of us sitting at home on our laurels. He endured unmentionable horrors for what he believes is right and will never take America or any of its freedoms for granted. We are all aware of what it would take to make this kind of sacrifice, and most of us probably would not sign up. Because I don't have the guts to enlist in the military and potentially become a prisoner of war or worse, I'm forever grateful to be able to vote for President that has already done it for me.
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This poll is bogus, and reveals an implicit political slant on this blog.

That is, the slant towards the status quo. Defining the race as only between these two utterly compromised candidates is making a statement itself. It is analogous to dishonesty by exclusion.

Face it folks - are political system is rigged. We do not have a real choice. On social issues that are dangled in front of us like toys in front of a toddler's eyes, sure, there's a difference. But on the major issues of the day - war, taxation, freedom, what the proper and constitutional role of government is - there is no difference. I mean, McCain wants war in Iraq and Iran. Obama wants war in Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. This is a choice?

A vote for McCain is a wasted vote. A vote for Obama is a wasted vote.

A vote for either is a vote for our current system where bankers and corporations rule our country.

Hell, look at the wildly unpopular bailouts in effect now. Look at the war that was escalated after the voters clearly voted to rein it in. Look at the Democratic leadership refusing to even consider impeaching Bush when the crimes he committed are clear, clearly evidenced, and clearly meet the constitutional standard of impeachable offenses. Look at the current fiscal abyss we are falling into, being dragged into, with the warfare state gripping our right hand, and the welfare state gripping our left hand, and interest on past insanity pushing from behind, dragging us kicking and screaming into the unknown chasm of federal bankruptcy.


That said, I'm probably voting for constitution party candidate chuck baldwin, even though I disagree with him on some crucial issues (shoot, I'm a buddhist, not a baptist). Nothing is more important than getting these crooks out of the seats of power.
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Barack Obama will win because Sarah Palin as president is too big a risk for any of us to take...

Not saying that Obama's gold or anything, just that Palin's perspective on everything is a wee bit too extreme for my taste...

I like 'em BLAND!...
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@Sasha, et al:

The poll is "Who do you think will be the next US President." Not "Who do you want to be the next US President." Arguments against a two-party system aside, there is no reasonable possibility that a third party candidate will be president in 2009.

Stay focused. This is an important election, and we need to work with the hand we're dealt here. Sticking your head in the sand and saying "you're voting for bankers" is just a cop out. You can make all the excuses you want to not get involved, and then sit back with smug "I told you so"'s when everything goes to hell.

Want to change the process? Participate in it. Vote. Run for office yourself. Stop making excuses.
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I'm for McCain and Palin. I think Obama is an empty suit with no experience or ability. However, neither of them is going to have much impact or much change the next four years, so if Obama wins the world isn't going to end and if McCain wins we are not neccessarily saved.

Its the congress that really needs the voters attention, but most americans don't know who they are or what they are doing. Why don't we have national healthcare? Why don't we have alternative energy? Why are Americans out of work? Why is our education in bad shape? Do you think its the president who makes laws? If one tenth of the media attention went to reporting Representatives and Senators work that went into developing the latest presidential sound bite we might have all things.
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If I had to pick between the two I would pick Obama, but I don't so I am voting for Bob Barr. Unfortunately if the people in this country don't start voting for other candidates besides the democrats and republicans we are going to be worse off than we ever have been, soon it will become about money, no middle class, just rich and poor, wait what am I saying it already is like this. Oh well I hear Canada is nice this time of year.
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“As a Brit, the results of this poll have restored my faith in America a little.”
As an american, I get really sick of hearing these kinds of sentiments…

as a Brit I really get sick of reading those kind of comments

so there.
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Obama will win because he is more thoughtful, measured, and informed than McCain. McCain seems like a confused hothead with shifting priorities, flip-flopping positions and a low grasp of economics and geography.
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Hey McCain*Palin '08,

I'm feeling your reasoning is slightly shaky. While spending the war as a POW for serving your country certainly makes you a hero, it doesn't necessarily make you a suitable choice for President. On the contrary, I'm somewhat concerned about the motivations behind his pro-war sentiment. One of his biographers was recently interviewed on NPR and brought up the fact that McCain was considerably separated from the controversial ground war in Vietnam and suffered countless indignities at the hands of his captors. While I consider McCain a brave and noble national hero, I have to agree with the common sentiment of this post. He's not inspiring much confidence - for me at least - with his VP pick and his compassion for Bush's war.

(Oh, and I am in the process of joining the military as we speak, btw...)
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(Oh Lord, how many more days of this)? Obama because he has a brain and I don't want 4 more years like the last 8. Plus, if something happens to McCain,....well, too scary to even think about.
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All I know is that when I listen to Barack Obama, whether a speech or his book in audio format, I find myself nodding and saying "why didn't we already do that?" Sarah Palin is an underqualified liar who belongs at a pep rally. And McCain is an angry old warmonger.
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IF the media reported facts rather than just letting two opposing pundits scream at each other, I think Americans would vote for Obama.

IF Americans weren't racist, I think they would vote for Obama.

IF the integrity of our election system wasn't compromised by corporate controlled electronic voting machines and dirty voter caging techniques, I think the person the majority of Americans vote for would actually be the person who is our next President.
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The most powerful thing a president can do is appoint a supreme court judge--a permanent position in which legislation is permanently (usually) defined. Those are the true stakes of a presidential election.
Frankly it wouldn't matter if your dog were running for office; he'd get my vote if I knew it were going to appoint a supreme court judge I endorse.

The thousands of lives at stake in issues du jour, used for campaign talking points, simply cannot compare to the millions at stake in the future of the nation, wherein they will or will not have rights, courtesy of the supreme court. How we appeal to the rest of the planet doesn't matter if we've lost our identity, particularly the one with liberty.
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Palin is now the media darling

She's meeting with world leaders today.

If she drops the ball like she did in that Gibson interview, I doubt they'll be impressed. This is certainly not the time to alienate the rest of the world (seeing as we've let ourselves depend so, so much on them).

She's terrifyingly uninformed.
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Im voting for Obama because McCain thinks everyone is rich like he is and he has a terrible sense of humor and he wants to be a war president and he's got short man syndrome (bad).

No candidate is perfect but Obama strikes me as calm, rational, well educated, and his policies more closely reflect my views.

To the people who voted for George W Bush, all I have to say is, hope you're happy.

To Nader voters - get a life. And btw, The white person dread lock thing is not a good look. Same w/tie-dye.
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What is your point? Who is George Will and why should we care about what he has to say about anything?

For every anti-McCain piece you find, I can find an anti-Obama one.
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What about the Libertarian party?
bob barr has my vote
It kinda sucks the government has to involve itself in any and EVERYTHING
you can't even spank your kids today without a SW finding out and you're in court paying money to it.
It seems like everything they do is for money.
( example in virginia your liscence had to be renewed every 4 yrs, now its down to every one year, same price, 4x as much as you would have)

Obama wants to tax cut in a bad way, you tax the people who are making more, and paying me my paycheck, there goes my damn raise.

McCain is wishy washy and seems kinda like a sleeze just from the way he talks.
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Obama is a dangerously radical candidate with no intelligence.

It will be a disaster for America if he wins. Fortunately, the voters are not as stupid as the left-wing mainstream media seem to think.
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Obama/Biden will take this one. People are starting to catch on to how hypocritical and behind the times Palin's views are, also, it's pretty evident that the only reason why McCain got a boost was because of Palin.
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John McCrazy and sara failin are pathetic. Granted most politians are liars but McCrazy and Failin are blatent liars. They work for special interest and the oil industry. They want to take our democracy and turn it into a steaming pile of poo. McCrazy and his insane looking wife and clueless VP need to try there hand at selling cars instead of ramming this country into the ground.
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To the person who said there is no middle class in America, that is preposterous. I keep hearing this and yet everywhere I look is the middle class. I am willing to bet YOU are middle class. I seriously doubt many people at poverty level are hanging out browsing Neatorama. I don't get where this idea of no middle class comes from. Look around you.

I am a conservative who wants Obama to win so the liberals will just shut up already and we can get back to being a STRONG country instead of one filled with a bunch of whiny, disrespectful brats.
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Obama. I prefered him to McCain, though I would've voted for McCain if Hillary had gotten the nomination (I'm not down with the dynasty of Bushes and Clintons). But with Palin as McCains choice, I'm a staunch Obama supporter. She's a scary choice as VP, and the fact that McCain actually picked her as his running mate is equally frightening. It truly puts a black mark on his decision making capabilities.
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I voted for McCain in this poll because of the way it was worded. I have a feeling he'll win. Now, if the question had been "who are you going to vote for?" or "who do you think should win?", my answer would have been Obama.

Why will McCain win? If the last eight years are any indication, it'll be because Americans are stupid and base their important political decisions on things like who has the least education (education = bad! elitist!) and, in this particular case, who has a vagina.
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The only people I've seen with McCain bumper stickers are private university kids driving bmw suvs or some similar vehicular display of wealth. I usually prefer to vote third party since having 2 parties in power means corporations only have 2 groups they need to buy-off, but I'll be voting Obama this election because I'm sick to death of the republican party. Additionally, I think it would be great to have a black president. My parents lived through segregation. The 1910's and 20's were dominated by racism to a greater degree than even the years following the civil war. That was only 2 generations ago, a very short period of time when you think about it.
Also, I think with the advent of advanced biotechnology (genetic engineering and bionics), a libertarean vote is a vote for suicide. The government of america, and the planet at large, needs to keep a tight hand on corporations or we will make the same mistakes with the new biological technology as we did with the chemistry and physics driven advances of the last century (pollution, wmd's, cultural upheaval, etc.). The future is closer than you think and I don't want my grandkids to require a microsoft windows platform for their neural interfaces (See Kevin Warwick's research).
Also, the typeface Arial is a rip off of Helvetica.
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I really really want Obama to win because frankly Sarah Palin just scares the **** out of me. The problem is that I think that she and John McCain have a good chance of winning..
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What makes anyone think the People choose? US presidential elections have been managed at least since 1912. Sure the outcome eventually depends on the ballot, but there are managers who can control public opinion through the media. What seems to happen is the winner is chosen, then constrained to adopt the required special interest policy line by threats of support for their opponent. A good example would be the 1948 Truman-Dewey contest where, Truman being chosen but reluctant on some policy points, there was a blatant auction of special-interest influence, to the point that Dewey was sure he would win and was quite surprised to lose. Managing that election required someone to die. Go read about it.

In this year's contest - my opinion only, of course - Hillary was the chosen one, and the surge of grass roots support for Obama in the primaries was unexpected and problematic. Clinton's shocked sense of entitlement and reluctance to give up was quite understandable in the circumstances, but Obama couldn't be managed out of the way without the manipulation becoming public. So now he's being "encouraged" to toe the special interest line by the threat of the White House being handed to McCain. Personally I don't think there's much chance that will happen. I think it's been decided that the Dems should get the White House and JM's recent poll bounce is just to warn BA that he has to obey.

I'm sure this post will attract some disagreement. After all, if everyone knew how it worked, it wouldn't work any more. Trust me though, the candidates know how it works.
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I voted Obama because I really think he'll win... (I'm tired of Republican politics, that's for sure.)

I'm not too sure this will be the great thing it seemed to be when he was roaring through the primaries- is it just me or has Obama lost his zip lately? Also, can he really deliver? Can anyone? Is he more than a great orator and personality?

I liked McCain's statement a couple weeks ago that he'd have a bipartisan cabinet... but would he? Could he? Would the fighting ever end? I've always been a McCain fan but he's somehow not adding up to my expectations since he's actually finally managed to get the nomination. AND- he's been totally overshadowed by Palin...

Someone more real than Dumbledore proly said this first (in other words, JK Rowling proly borrowed it but I wouldn't know from whom)- proly the only people who are really fit to lead others are so scared of it that they refuse to. (that's a bad paraphrase)
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Interesting to note that almost everyone here who asserts Obama will win cites their contempt for Republicans as the reason. Meanwhile, most who favor Republicans cite the Republican platform and values as the reason McCain will win. Either way, and as usual, this race isn't about Democrats, it's about Republicans. The GOP is clearer, more direct, and ultimately more substantive. The Democrats, for their part, appear to be not so much for anything as they are against Republicans.
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Will you Americans /please/ get it over with so the rest of the world can have its media back? The BBC is full of it, heck, even the French media won't leave it alone!
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I am voting for Obama, but I have a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that McSame and his moose-killin' partner will win. By the way, is there something wrong with Mrs. McSame's eyes and Palin's eyes too? They both looked cross-eyed to me. Did you see the video of Palin as a Sportscaster? Seriously, take a look and tell me she wasn't cross-eyed. Just wondering......I guess there's no rule saying cross-eyed people can't run for office too.
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Palin looks like some douchebag news anchors who doesn't understand the words she's saying she just knows to say it with the manditory smirk.

From what I've heard of McLame's ads, he hates the Republicans too. He spends all of his time maverick like, bucking the system.

McLame and Palin - together they fight crime.
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From reading this thread, it seems even Obama's supporters don't really believe he'll win.

I think an Obama victory is still a depressingly strong possibility, with 90% of the media acting as part of his campaign team. However, the debates will show both candidates, and there the contrast between McCain and the empty suit will become apparent. There is still hope.
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Obama is a good speaker and nothing else. I do not really like McCain either but he will do. Palin knows how to cut useless crap just like she did in Alaska. Hopefully she will get McCain to do the same for the huge number of useless crap out government is doing. It needs to get back down to security for our country and not supporting all the people in our country.

We need to crack down on all the illegals and the Americans which take advantage of the government. I know of far too many corrupted towns and people who can do pretty much anything they want without any trouble.
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I have no idea if Obamas gonna win. I can only control my vote. Everyone else can do whatever they want.

I note no one has been doing much defense of Bush the lesser. Kind of painful. Shit, he had the boots, he was from Texas, he loved God and his Momma. Don't abandon the guy. I'm sure he needs some hugs right now.
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[x] JM and SP. Not my choice, but I have a hunch they'll get the prize, if for nothing else because Obama can't say what he means with "We can do it". Do what?
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Obama SHOULD win...but I'm afraid Americans have a tendency to choose precisely what is worst for them...in fact that includes all of humanity
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I actually hope Palin gets to be president. Not because I think she'd do well; not because I particularly agree with her politically; Because I'm sick of presidents who have nothing in common with the people they lead. Obama is young and black, but he's still a typical politician -- rich, Ivy League, etc.

Palin is the next best thing to a 3rd party candidate.
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I don't want the guy doing my brain surgery to be some "elite" doctor from some "Ivy League" school.

I want a guy who is like me. Who drinks beer and watches wrestling and shoots moose.

And sticks his fingers in my brain.
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This poll sucks.

Putting Obama in office will be the biggest mistake you'll all make.

You have no idea what goes on in the world, do you?
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I prefer tud sandwich. I was really thinking of voting for giant douche, but I think turd sandwich has some really great ideas.

Seriously though. After the recent supreme court ruling on the D.C. gun ban where 4 out of the 9 justices revealed they are not literate enough to read the second amendment, I'm pretty worried about who will be appointing the next justice. That's the only reason I want McCain to win.

Both will f888 up the country.
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Who will be the next US President? Don't expect this poll to accurately predict the answer to that question because the majority of the US citizenry is socially and fiscally more conservative than your average Neatorama reader.

Plus, I think if even some of the Obama supporters really knew who he was, who his biggest supporters are, and honestly evaluated his experience as it relates to executing the duties of President, his support would be pretty weak. Obama ran on the empty promises of "hope" and "change" but in truth offers little of either. About the only thing he'll deliver is higher taxes, more spending, and more socialism.

Anybody But Obama.
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The Republicans are socialists. They're gonna give my money to a bunch of bankers who can't to their jobs right. That'll have to be paid for. The Democrats at least pay for stuff up front with tax increases. The Republicans let the deficit balloon til we go bankrupt. Then the rich bankers will leave to the Carribean and then everyone will need a gun cause it's gonna be like Escape From New York up in here.
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McCain and Palin will win this election. They've proven themselves as hard workers, parents to overwhelmingly large families, and leaders and heroes in incredibly unpopular and harsh locales (Alaska and Vietnam - you couldn't give me enough money to spend a year in either one, well maybe in Alaska, on a well-appointed cruise ship). I don't think there is any situation that McCain or Palin could be presented with that would shake their confidence or that they would not be able to respond to in an intelligent and efficient manner.

Go Georgia Bulldogs, #1!
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Seems to me that McCain and Palin will get us closer to that apocalypse much faster. Why can't you guys get Bill Clinton back, he was cool. Dunno why you all got so bent outta shape when he shagged that chick, all politicians are dicks anyways.
Well I guess it's got nothing to do with me, we got our own problems...
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I'm voting McCain because I think its important to show the commie fags that there will be no tolerance for radical progressive thought that might ameliorate flaws in the present system. Of course, I could accomplish (nearly) the same thing by voting obama, but I know that a republican will dish out the injustice and intolerance I so desperately want. Dems are always kinda wishy-washy on that.
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Barack Obama – because he is the least suited to the task and America has decided that choosing the most incompotent leaders is the course of action to take after the 8 years of awesome that was Reagan.
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Obama supporters are such hypocrits.

Palin in not experienced enough, yet Obama is?

Obama is a smart Ivy-leaguer, yet it was the same type of people running the institutions going bankrupt?

Obama brings change, yet you'll never get to question his changes because you'll be called a racist.

Obama is different, yet if he dies he chooses someone exactly like McCain to replace him?

You trust Obama, yet he's had to distance himself from everyone he ever knew in order to stay in the race?
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