A Little Housecleaning: de-Trolling Neato

I went out of town for a few days and was surprised to come back and find that the blog has caught some comment trolling sniffles. You guys are usually very good, so what happened?

Anyways, it's time for a little housecleaning.

If you find your off-topic comments about McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden gone, then they've either been deleted by me or by the post authors. I'm generally against censorship, so I tried to preserve some of the comments that seem to have genuine point of views. Silly ones, those with name-callings, or those impersonating famous persons have been nuked. Let's hope we won't have to do this again.

Just to get it out of your system, here's the one post that you can have at it.

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@Alex - You were right to remove the off-topic comments, of course. I'm sorry for contributing to them.

However, it's obvious that political passions on all sides are running high as the election approaches. Perhaps it might be useful to create an appropriate topic for discussion every now and then -- or perhaps not. It depends on what you want your blog to be.
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Yes, Alex, I realize that very little is censored. I was pointing out that you certainly have the right to censor whatever you like. But, if you did actually censor a lot, your audience wouldn't bother reading you anymore. It can be a fine line, but with obvious spam and trolling, I can imagine it's not a difficult decision.

I just didn't agree with Siteseer's definition of censor, as if "censoring" were always a bad thing.
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Ah! So that's why I stumbled across the odd comment in the old posts. I was gone for a few days and wham! the trolls amass at the gates. :o

Lets keep this place clean folks! :)
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@CheeseDuck - it's something in your link. We had an episode of kongregate spam in the past, so we filter it out. I've taken it off the filter for now.

@ted - very, very few comments on Neatorama are censored. A bulk of those that do get quashed are silly comments like gibberish characters or "first first first" type comments.

We used to run a "politeness" filter that quashes vulgar words but that was an exercise in futility. It turned out not to be necessary either. Not a lot of comments are nuked solely because of vulgarity.

I'm hoping that the recent trolling activities will cease - but who knows. It is the Internet, and it is election season.

@PK - thanks! I hope Neatorama continues to be a friendly place to hang out online.
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