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Barbie isn't just pretty hair and clothes. Barbie has at least 50 jobs, ranging from teacher, doctor, astronaut, and rock star. She is whatever the girl playing with her wants her to be, and in a way whatever that little girl herself wants to be. How is that sexist? If anything, it's thousands of times more progressive than all the baby dolls she replaced. All you can do with those is play mommy.
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There's also the fact that servers get paid less than minimum wage and that after taxes and, if they're lucky, insurance, their paychecks are usually void. They live on their tips. They are also taxed on what they would make off of each table, if that table tipped 10%. Please remember when you DON'T tip, your server is paying for the privilege of serving you.

Note: this is only here in the US, as far as I know. Most countries make their restaurants pay their employees fairly, which ups the cost of the bill.

Before anyone asks, no I'm not a waitress. My mother was when I was younger, so I was always taught the importance of tipping.
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"The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless." - Oscar Wilde
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My nephew is autistic. If he is overstimulated he WILL melt down, and I assure you that the very unfamiliar flight attendant and pilot reprimanding him helped to trigger that. THIS BEING SAID, his mother would have dealt with the way he is enough to KNOW it would cause him to become overstimulated and SHOULD have found another method of transportation. You adjust to the child's needs simply because you can't make them adjust to your own. The mother is as much to blame as the airline employees.
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...I read novel length fanfiction online. In fact, I've read a few novels themselves online. I go through webcomic archives when I first come across them and read for hours, sometimes days, to catch up on the years I never heard of the comic. So I wouldn't say the internet has affected my ability to focus at all.
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God, that's true. If you have means that you can get together often or relocate? Awesome. But having been through a very long term relationship where neither of us could, it just hurt so much.
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I don't smoke pot or nicotine or anything. No interest, never have been curious. However, I have to agree with the poster who suggested that they most likely already had these problems and were self-medicating. The same as people who self medicate with alcohol or anything else. That there is a link does not make it a cause.
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Oh SHE'S absolutely gorgeous. I hope some day she's able to finish the surgeries so she can have the body she was really meant to have.
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