Beauty Contest Winner: Not a Man, Not Yet a Woman

Xie Xiaoxing won "Best Camera Image" in the Fujian regional heat for Miss China contest. The contest organizers thought that Xie was a woman - but it turned out that he was a man ... on his way to become a woman!

The organisers assumed he was female - but he had only had the first phase of surgery to turn him into a woman.

Mr Xie says the Fashion Beauty Plastic Surgery Hospital in Fuzhou city had offered him a full sex change in exchange for him advertising its services.

"After the first phase of surgery, I stopped for a while to deal with some personal issues, and when I came back last autumn they'd gone bankrupt," he said.

Mr Xie says he isn't sure now whether he's a man or a woman and can't even get a job because he can't confirm his gender.


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this is a very sad story, namely because right now HE can't decide who SHE is.

I would like to put forward a question: What makes a human, human? Do you have to have a way to reproduce to be human? Do you have to have two hands? two feet? two eyes? Do you have to look like a human to be human? Do you have to think that you are human to be human?
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Whoever wrote this article needs to be shot in the face. Calling her a "him"? People need to learn some fucking respect -- if this is the way someone wants to live, let them. If they're living as a woman, then call them a woman.
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For the record, though, I have nothing against it. I'd think him as much as a man as a drag queen. I respect the choice that he takes the social/psychological(etc, etc) role of a woman but do not recognise him as one in conventional terms. I also respect that he wants to be treated as a woman, I wouldn't exactly walk up to him and say "excuse me, sir".

At best I would say he's a dude who believes he's (should be?) woman, trapped in a "woman's" body.
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"A woman who happened to be infertile, who doesn’t have ovaries or lost them due to cancer is no longer a woman for you?"

No, she is a woman who has lost her ovaries. (i knew this would be the first response)

"I have to want to “hit it” for her to be a woman? That’s rich. Explain why I feel like hitting you right now then."

As in; get freaky. And no, I was just stating that if these people really recognise Mr Xie as a woman, they wouldn't have a problem with it.

The "hit it" thing was a joke btw.
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"He is a psychologically disturbed man. And any medical personnel who would pretend that they could do anything about that are criminals. Case closed."
The official recommendations from PSA re: gender dysmorphia are that once you have established by certain stringent tests, and therapy sessions, that a person's gender (psychological/internal male/femaleness and social constructs of masculinity/femininity) is different from their sex (physical male/femaleness), the treatment will seek to reconcile this difference by changing SEX and thus treatment should continue as that person wishes, including and up to the point of 'sex reassignment surgery'. So the way to 'do [something] about [it]' is to reassign sex, so that sex and gender will match. This is not *at all* criminal in most first-world countries.
The surgeries do not change the gender as this is psychological; it is arguable that they change sex as certain characteristics will remain. What is important is how the person can get by in society and how they feel they fit in. Even if you still feel they are their original sex, what does it matter? Are they hurting you?
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